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  1. This site is really a good read, I am hoping he does well in the WSOP this year and reports it daily.http://www.killphilpoker.com/For those blog readers out there, this is one of my favorties even though it is rather new...
  2. just caught the last 6 hands, nice cash
  3. 45 vs 56 not being equal is because the low straight effect that tinkers with those percentages. 56 and 67 are the most similar hands against KK, meaning that 56 and 67 both lose on a board of 89TJQ because the other guy had a KK, so they have no higher straight discrepancies(but they have a very minor lower straight discrepancy). Where as with AA, 67s and 89s should have the same percentage chance to win and to tie, with 78 suited having a slightly higher chance to win, due to the straights that he can win with on both directions. Just a guess though.
  4. Thanks for your comments all, well, most of you.A few comment, I don't know what to tell you, long means long. I warned you, don't read a long post if you don't want to - that makes you an idiot.It's geology not geography.it was .25/.50 limit, it was a year ago, I don't play limit anymore and I know that I said the wrong thing. Yes, that does make everything I said a lie, obviously.I think its very funny that someone tried to write a concise report and then rambled on just like me, outstanding.I like reading other peoples trip reports or career summaries, so I made my own, it was mostly so I
  5. My first year of online poker is complete and I thought it would be nice to write a summary of my experiences throughout the last year. I am a 25 year old Geology student living in Nebraska, playing poker for fun, a little money and hoping to get better in the process.On May 5th(yeah, so I am jumping the gun a bit) I deposited $82 onto Neteller using Instacash because I wanted to play immediately and I didn’t know any better. Well, after 5 days of waiting for them to call me and confirming my bank account info, etc., I finally deposited 50$ onto Ultimate Bet. I was now ready to win all the
  6. spt24


    for STT's it depends on the cost. For example you should be able to kill the 5$(maybe up to 40%? if you are killing them) tournaments if you are very solid and you should be able to squeek out 10%-20%(?) ROI on the high dollar ones if you are very good at them($100's +).My ROI is 35% for 5$ STT, that is over 500 or so. That is not enough of a sample, I would say around 3,000 to 5,000 should be in the ballpark for how well you are playing them. About MTT's, I am not sure, variance is a ***** for those. For instance two similar players could have entirely opposite ROI #'s just due to a few h
  7. solid site, thanks for the heads up.
  8. My true FTP story, happened 2 days ago... I posted it in the Omaha 8/b forum. I have KK35 ds, flop comes 333A guy min bets into me, someone else calls, I call. Turn 8.He bets into me again ( a larger bet), a caller, I raise and get the first guy to call me, the second guy folds.River 8.He bets his last few chips, I call, I see 88 of course. Runner runner quads when I flop quads. FTP, goodbye, back to UB for good.989-1 right? I have felt the sting of a perfect-perfect... and it sucks.
  9. O 8/b game at Full Tilt. I have played at Full Tilt before, to clear a bonus, and I had some bonus dollars left to clear there. I couldn't deposit money to Ultimate Bet last night, some problem with their software, so I figured I would put it on Full Tilt for the night. So I make a few bucks and then this hand occurs..10/.25 cent PLO8Late Position I call with KK53ds. Not the best hand obviously, amoungst these guys it was worth seeing a flop. 5 see the flop which comes 333.UTG best a quarter and I say "NO!, why are you betting into this pot, don't scare people away." UTG+1 calls, I call
  10. wp.like the last post said, oop you can check this on the flop and play how they said to(when I first started playing Omaha I would check raise the flop... then I learned to go for the check/call the flop and check raise the turn with a baduga/straight-less board and top set). You got the perfect flop (top set over middle set), you likely get this players stack if the board pairs(Quads withstanding). BetOnBullets had a good wrap there for the straight, check folding the turn, against a made hand(at least one person has you beat - but they did not bet here - the next players call tells you t
  11. Well it depends on how much variance you can put up with. You have the third best hand on the flop, T6 and 66 beat you.If you want little variance play T6 only here for all your money.For a little more variance play 66. If you want more variance play AT with any 2 outs to an aces full house, or you could win/split with trips here.This is not an all in hand IMO, what else could the guy have that doesn't beat you or tie you?But it all depends on how you want to play.
  12. you dominated that table and heads up for the most port, congrats!
  13. what did you have heads up when the board was 87578?
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