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  1. No, how do I do that? I do keep them in a journal, but that is just a notepad that I write on. Is something I read Howard Lederer advise people to do as they start out in poker, so I have kept that of each hand I'm involved in. Dont know how to keep em saved on my computer though. I wont share anymore either, guess I didnt know they would get anybody riled up in here. But its good, I've never had anything like this before myself and thought it was an oddity, I guess by the reaction of everybody thinking it was fake I was right.
  2. Nice name calling speedkills, you are right, it must be because I'm a moron and not simply a typing mistake, thats the ticket. Hey by the way, you screwed up spelling one. Does that make you a moron, or is it a typo?
  3. No, not in the same session. But yes on the same day, was all today over a 4 hour period of playing, logged on and off two or three times. And yes I screwed up typing the last one, I fingered the 4 instead of the 3, he made A's full not a set. Dont really care if you think their made up, lost my money on those exact hands none the less.
  4. Now, I dont have a huge online bankroll to begin with, but I pretty much lost the whole thing today on FTP on 4 hands over the period of the day. I dont play in very high stakes because of the size of my bankroll, but these hands seem pretty damn extreme. Just curious if anybody else has had this type of run. Has me thinking about ditching online play for good and sticking only to live games, at least I havent run into this in any one session of live play.First hand was hold emI'm on the button with AA, one limper from early position and I re-raise 4 times the BB. He calls. Flop comes 3 K A ra
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