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  1. not that good.. ivey's playin his legacy against a player that he thought wasn't that good... the only hand he could have here is QJ with Q of diamonds.. and it's unlikely he has this hand... what's the gonna push with... only a bluff... he value bets the nuts here... seriously.. think it out
  2. It looks like Phil is beat boxing in incubus' avatar
  3. WOW... thank you.. i couldn't place it.. that's it! seriously that bothered me for a while cuz it was striking
  4. Hangin' out wiht my buddies and bunch of girls after the bar when we're hammered.... i'm playing poker with one of the girls cuz she saw the chips and wanted to play... and the girl says she's gonna win, i said, if you lose, you gotta take off your clothes.. she responded with fine, if i lose you take off your clothes... needless to say i was in...she was playin' crazy, i bet with like a middle pair of 5s or osmething... she moved all in.. i said call... she turned over top pair.....i didn't improve
  5. ok that was the funniest thing i've read on here in a while... nice work well written lol
  6. now that's a good idea... i'll probably do that
  7. are they playin' down to final table today? or just finishing it if they can?
  8. i just look like a movie star with them on
  9. wasn't really that great...
  10. lmao... it's a friends living room.. and i was playin' heads up with my roommate... my friend took the picture... i wasn't actually wearing the glasses for the game, but i through em on when the picture was taken... cuz i just look good haha...btw we were playing pot limit omaha, and i won that match
  11. yeah no, i honestly looked right over it.. there's a talent to making a title that catches on
  12. you know i was thinking the exact same thing, however, i think i heard he's just happy beating the level's he's comfortable at now and that he has enough now to take a shot at the big game, but who knows.. be interesting to see... this is one of the reasons i wanna see him win. btw. thanks for the link to the thread i couldn't find one, i was shocked.
  13. Allen Cunningham right to the top.. he's making a good charge and in second. I don't know about you guys, but i'm pretty excited about this. I would really like to see him win this!
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