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  1. here's a video interview i did with JC about a month ago in san diego. juan carlos pokulator interviewand as for what he should wear...i'd say whatever logo pays him the mostgl JC
  2. yes. and anyone who already bought into the WPT championship got a seat at the invitational
  3. i'm lucky i got anyone in the picture with how many drinks i had. i had to rewatch the interview to remember what i asked you.PS kinda creepy that your myspace name is same as my fcp name.
  4. maybe if you don't donate your chips to the hotties you make it to a fourth table and meet some A listers.here's a pic of you and hu's elbow for your scrapbook...
  5. wow, i thought both kelly hu and bai ling (also at your table) were much hotter than paris. you also had james blake (tennis pro) right between them. i still don't understand how you can be bitter after sitting next to kelly?
  6. i've seen cardplayer do the same thing from other sites. very common during tournament reporting.
  7. unedited picturebook of Never Trust Anyone give thanks to happyhappyhappy of 2P2
  8. NOT CAPTAIN TOM's AMANDA!just cause mark is in love. this is when amanda from pokerwire was interviewing matusow right before dutch boyd walked in the shot.
  9. no that is the pokerwire girl amanda...different person.
  10. JC - i have seen all of the same things although the eyefck felt more creepy than sexual to me...
  11. never used pinnacle sports, but for the same reason ME will be under 7650 it may be difficult to collect your easy money.
  12. nothing compares to being dealt cards by the harrah's dealer with the crazy clown nose.
  13. when men the master won POY last year garret also made some comment about plucking men's neck hair, which is hilarious because men has one single hair that sticks out about 6 inches from the left side of his neck.
  14. garrett held up his ipod earphone cable during the main event this year and screamed, "hey doyle, i found your catheter!"he also really pissed off pam anderson with a raunchy roast at a party for doyle's room in which she was a guest of honor.
  15. i watched shorr play for awhile at the WSOP main event because he was seated at the same table as a good friend of mine. from what i saw he was playing great and he put a sick bluff on my buddy who is also a very good player. both madsen and shorr have had very impressive showings this year, and it would be great for poker if some sort of young guns rivalry developed.one of the two dropped out of school (i think shorr), i'll go with him being better. school is for suckers.
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