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  1. Congrats! I'm hoping to make it down there before the main event. You're a lucky guy, my wife refuses to let me teach her to play. Are you guys planning on playing any larger buy in's?AK
  2. Yeah it was right after the "how long do these last post". We've only got 67 in lets go people!
  3. Yeah I saw this come on and didn't recognize anyone at the table except Carlos so I didn't watch for more the ten minutes. I wish I would have seen this thread to watch one of our own. Anyway, congrats on making the FT Mark.
  4. It's been a while but I'm gonna get back into these. It looks like the numbers dropped late last quarter, how many are we expecting?
  5. Time to get to work at Bodog.
  6. Another excellent example of tax dollars hard at work.
  7. I haven't read the entire clause in the Safe Port act but I've heard some people say that the reason they included the online gambling clause had something to do with terrorist activity? WTF? Since when do we simply cut off a medium that has some remote possibility of harming this country? After 9/11 did the government shut down all air travel forever? No they found a way to deal with the problem, not that the solution was the best but it was a solution. I hate how this government shys away from doing their jobs by simply outlawing whatever it is they decide not to approve of. I watched
  8. Vote Libertarian! We need to spread the word!
  9. I'm going to find a back alley poker game and grind it out like Dolly did in the good ole days before the government decided to park it on my living room couch.
  10. Even if party and stars jump ship someone will stay around and pick up all the US market. At the very most this will give a smaller site to become the new flagship of online poker. One way or another they will not be able to enforce this "law" there will be loop holes and people will find them. I really hope enough people care about this to really make a significant difference in the upcoming elections. VOTE DEMOCRAT OR LIBERTARIAN! (Did I really just write that?)Anyone know Frist's home address? Two words: Hate mail!
  11. According to what I've read, institutions have 270 days to come with regulatory measures to accomodate this bill. I would imagine that you have that much time to pull your funds if this sticks.
  12. Yeah it is and it's great. Except for the SB play and on the button with no one in I don't agree with the play, it does happen a lot however and be glad that it does. Look for the guys that do this and you'll easily take their stack.
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