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  1. Does anyone know when Daniel and Lori are getting married?I assume it is taking place at the Wyn, but when?Anyone have any info? :-)
  2. PokerRoom is a great site, and I play there almost every day.If you havent yet signed up you can use this link which will get you a 40% bonus up to $200, which is double the normal bonus you will find:Poker Room (40% Extra up to $200)http://www3.pokerroom.com/?ref=6510&page=53Good luck :-)
  3. You will find links and reviews to most of the top sites at:http://comeandplaypoker.comGood luck :-)
  4. Yes. of course he would donate it no matter whether it was $1 million or $10 million. Whatever people think of this guy, I think this is the one area where he should at least be left alone, but really deserves a lot of praise and admiration for what he does. Even if he can afford to do it, he still shows up and plays hard for very long hours all to benefit others.Leave the guy alone.... 8) Note: And most people have no idea what a 'write off' even is, let alone the details of how it works at this kind of level.
  5. Things that seem too good to be true usually are, and that is pretty much the case with this bonus. It's a legitamate deal, but it is one of the slowest, if not THE slowest bonuses to clear there has ever been.PokerRoom has the same games and software, and although the bonus is smaller, you will clear it in a day or 2 multi tabling. The usual offer there is the standard 20% up to $100, but here is a link that will get you double that:Poker Room (40% Extra up to $200)http://www3.pokerroom.com/?ref=6510&page=53Good luck, :-)
  6. I have a question about multitabling - I play 4 games (or more) at a time on PokerRoom on my laptop (Powerbook G4) and they obviously overlap a little meaning you have to keep switching from one to the other to see the action. I am thinking of getting a new monitor as I want to be able to lay out 4-6 table at one time without overlaps. What size screen would i need, and what would the screen res need to be?I am thinking at the momet of getting one of the Apple Cinema displays, as I assume this would do the trick - anyone have one? :-)
  7. I think PokerRoom has the best overall games for NL, especially the lower limits. I play there almost exclusively now, and there seems to always be a steady influx of new loose players, probably because it is linked to a casino site.If you sign up using this link, you will receive a 40% bonus on your first deposit (up to $200), which is double what you can normally get:http://www3.pokerroom.com/?ref=6510&page=53Let me know how you get on, or if you need any help getting started,Thanks and good luck, :-)
  8. I play almost exclusively at PokerRoom now, as I think the games there are very loose and for me it works out well as I play a lot on the road and can play on their site without a download.If you use this link you will get a 40% bonus up to $200, which is double what is normally offered.Poker Room (40% Extra up to $200) http://www3.pokerroom.com/?ref=6510&page=53 Let me know how you get on, :-)
  9. Simon Trumper is a complete and utter nob, and has been universally hated and considered a hugh joke in most poker circles for many many years. I challenge anyone to find a single person that has something positive to say about the guy.This is normal behaviour for him. I have seen him do it time and time again in all kinds of games and tourneys in the past.You have to do something pretty bad to get any kind of reaction from Barry, so I imagine there was even more to this that he says, because he has class.Please dont give Trumper or this incident any more airtime, as you are just giving him ex
  10. Whats to stop it just continuing to grow, and for property prices to keep rising?We are planning on getting something soon, but seems everyone is talking about this impending crash, when noone actually knows for sure.Makes me nervous...........
  11. This is like the 4th or 5th time I have seen this posted.New ideas anyone?
  12. Has anyone bought any property in one of the new hi-rise condo buildings going up in Vegas? Seems like it is really booming right now.Curious as to what these places are actually going for, and if anyone thinks they will all actually get built.Thoughts? :-)
  13. He is a fantastic player, and all around great guy. :-)
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