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  1. what is the deal with the bulls not allowing players to wear headbands?this has got to be one of the dumbest rules ever.http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?id=2678870
  2. ya kno Daniel, after all those taxes and tips, you're just barely scrapin over minimum wagenot to mention the emotional roller coasters, high level of stress, and years off your life LM MF AO
  3. there aint no such thing as "private" game in a casino rite? if you got the bank to play, they gotta let u play.i remember reading in the banker, professor, & suicide king that andy beal wanted to play heads up against the corp and he got his wish against someone (i forget exactly who, i think it was todd brunson or something) then ted forrest shows up and its a 3 man game, but beal was against the whole thing, but there wasnt nothing he could do about it to keep forrest from playingand as for props, i dont see how the producers could enforce no props, i mean, the **** is taking place with
  4. you can find an entire episode on youtube.com believe it or not for FREEEEEEE
  5. After watching several episodes of the GSN High Stakes Poker show the public has gotten to see alot of the big name pros play (as well as several amateurs). One top player who I noticed has been missing from the group season after season is Phil Ivey.I'd like to see Phil Ivey play on the show for once just to get a sense of his style in cash games.Daniel, if you read this post, tell Ivey to lock up a seat next time!
  6. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,217039,00.htmli am still unclear about this.. so will we still be able to withdraw our money from our accounts?
  7. yeah i saw him too..... i posted it on the forum too hahait was funny to watch. he was talkin on his cellie n sh!tbtw.. i swear i saw him wearin that same shirt in the wsop main event
  8. HeyIm watching the suns/lakers game right now, and they were showing coach mike d'antoni on the screen, and i saw some dude sitting behind, in the front row about a few seats to the right of the suns bench and i was like.. man that guy looks familiar and i realized it was phil ivey lol. if anyone else is watching the game, he is wearing the beige button down shirt.so if anyone wonderin where ivey is, hes sitting courtside @ the suns/laker game.
  9. im practicing it as we speakwhen i get heated @ a casino next time, instead of throwing the cards on the table, im going to chuck it @ my opponent.
  10. simply amazinghttp://www.wimp.com/slicing/
  11. wow.... im only going to reply once and once only so dont bother with a witty comeback.you're a fawking idiot :wink: flame on!HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!! STEEEELERSSSSSSSSS
  12. pittsburgh steelerspittsburgh steelerspittsburgh steelers wit a baseball bat!im in pittsburgh right now and it is INSANE!!!!!
  13. **** the corporation lets just call them "the firm" from now on
  14. YO DEMONDE....I LOOOVE THAT GUIDO PIChahahhahahahhahahahahhathat shit is all over the goddamn internet!
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