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  1. sweet, where do you like to play? I'm going for my first time in january...
  2. I'm planning a trip to vegas from Jan 1 to Jan 5 or 6I ran across this website which reviesw just about every poker room in vegas. Rooms are rated in terms of room quality, fish quantity, and waitress hotness/quickness. Plus it includes pics of each room. A great site to help plan your trip.http://www.allvegaspoker.com/
  3. whats the dilly? Is he even playing in the wsop? Haven't seen a pic or heard anything about him. I've got a $20 on him that he makes a final table, and so far its not lookin good.
  4. why do you think Laak wanted cash, not chips?
  5. She plays on FCP, I dunno if thats the same as a forum member. She'll be the 2nd best player there.....
  6. and on a side note, http://charlotteroom.com/pool.htmlthe chick sitting at the poker table has a nice pair of T.H.O.'stitty hard ons
  7. cool, me and the GF are in. Haven't played in awhile, looking forward to it.
  8. you should have folded the KK, I would have
  9. From the blog:'WSOP $5,000 No Limit EventWe’re playing the $5,000 No Limit today, and 620 players showed up. What a table I have. Phil Hellmuth is on my left, and David Benyamine is on my table as well. David is the biggest winner at the cash games thus far during the WSOP. David is a brilliant player who I used to play cash games with in France. I used to play with him in the 400/800, and obviously he has moved up and is one of the bigger players in the world today. He is ripping up the ‘big game’ to the tune of $20 million up for the week. This is the biggest swing I have ever heard of in th
  10. I think I just logged on to my inner netting
  11. dont play many hands earlyyou generally get moved quite a bt, so its hard to get to know the players at your table, but then again they dont really get a read on your play either.the bubble takes a long time to burst when you get close, and players really tighten up, so if you're freerollin and would rather make a big score than squeak into the $, start loosening up and you can really gather chips. When the bubble bursts, grab a drink and let the small stacks bust eachother because it turns into a bloodbath for a few minutes.
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