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  1. an opinion from one of the CHUD guys about the Lost vs. Heroes season finales. I find myself agreeing with everything he says.http://www.chud.com/index.php?type=thud&id=10411
  2. if the pressure inside the entire looking glass is breached, then the water starts coming up through the moon pool, and they can't get out. (i think)
  3. you mean the kitchener/waterloo blackberries. or just straight up balls. the KW balls. has a ring to it.i'd feel terrible personally if the sabres, or if the penguins had moved out of town. but for the preds, i think it needs to happen. if we can get the nashville's and florida's out of the league i think it'll be much better for it. nashville isn't a hockey market and this is squarely on bettman if it fails.that, and the fact that the flames absolutely can not win in that building.
  4. they had a Q&A session with him on EW.com talking about his death on the show and his feeling towards it and whether he'd come back for a flashback at some future point, so i'm pretty sure he's dead, but yeah, you never know on this show.
  5. correct me if i'm wrong, because i no real knowledge in the area, but if the pressure is lost throughout the looking glass is lost due to one port hole being breached, wouldn't the moon pool flood instantly? if charlie doesn't close and lock that air tight door, then i'm thinking the water in the moon pool basically shoots up into the facility and they both die.again, no real idea, but that's what i'm thinking.
  6. sure, that's what i'm telling you. maybe charlie just figured that it was what he had to do in order for desmond's vision to come true and claire and aaron to get off the island?beats me, i'm just talking out my ***. why was future kate not in jail? does being in a plane crash mean they can't hold you for murder anymore?
  7. there were no locking mechanisms on the other side of the door. if charlie runs out of the room, the entire facility floods and desmond dies. charlie locked up the room and saved desmond for once, and the only way to do it was killing himself.of course, the real question for me is, on this island, where codes and numbers have already caused an EMP, wouldn't you be in full scuba equipment before you even entered the "good vibrations" code? i mean, in an underwater facility, with what happened to desmond the last time a code was involved, you'd think he'd be the first one suggesting they be r
  8. dude, this season sucked. completely sucked. there was nothing good about it. all the characters that were great before were useless this season. tell me one single good chloe moment this season. nothing. they need to find some way to re-invent this show without getting rid of the core experience. i mean, the most exciting part of the finale besides the massive set piece was the return of the jack sack. that's pretty weak.
  9. what a massively dissapointing season's finale. almost enough to single handedly turn me off of this show.
  10. yeah, that was fantastic.i got the same feeling from this movie as i did after the first time i saw anchorman. completely underwhelmed. only after watching anchorman again did it become hilarious in my mind. maybe this one will do the same. but i doubt it because it's john heder instead of steve carell and paul rudd.
  11. kim's dead. i'm thinkin kellerman may not be though. not sure why. never trust an off-screen death on a show like this.
  12. molested good. ah well, i made the semi's, i'm happy. for a free pool, i paid attention to this one alot more then i thought i would. it was alot of fun. with 20 players or whatever, my strategy would probably change for next year though.
  13. loved andy's interpretation of "management training". and the whole name repetition, personality mirroring, and never breaking off a handshake speech like he did when he first came to scranton.
  14. got lucky with the goalies, especially thibault.
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