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  1. OK we know you are dieing to tell us........................how much are you cashing out? That may have something to do with it.
  2. No, Thats why they are losing $10M/yr.
  3. quadaces

    New Game

  4. Stop being a cheapskate and pay your "friend"
  5. LOL - I was just tryin to help the kids
  6. I'm shocked that this guy is NOT a Republican. Though W. would just pardon him if he was.
  7. I know that mine is Limit but playing $3-6 and $4-8 Kill games I am at 47.5 hrs and 9.5 BBs per hour for a +$1,226Anyone know if this is sustainable, I know for me personally it won't be because I can no longer play at the casino I played at the most and the other one I play at there isn't near the amount of money available to win.
  8. Even though I was expecting something like this is scared the shit out of me!
  9. What about Andris Biedrins from GS.Avg. 16.1 pts 12.9 rebs. (2nd in the league)
  10. Anyone know where I can watch season 4 online?
  11. Their money being worth more than ours. Fu.cking Bush!
  12. Being 23 I would say without a doubt do it. Do it now for a couple of reasons. First off you don't want to be like a lot of people in this forum who have a family and dream that they could do something like this. Do it while you have the opportunity. Do it while you don't have responsibilities. You are still young enough that if you don't succeed then you can do something else, like the family business.
  13. Wouldn't $40 be too soon with your 10 buy in system?
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