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  1. doubled first hand after break with J6o on JTx board against QT.back to about 2800.
  2. that line was great.I didn't notice if he saw his cards on the QdJd hand, but there was a previous one where laak said sth like "you can see one card" and viffer turned over both of laak's cards, and I thought that was way out of line.the one thing that that tilted me was the first week, because viffer would speak and half his words were "like".overall it was fun to watch, but I guess we're all waiting for the plo cash game.
  3. 4th and last chapter is uphttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMNdRatgPrU
  4. whenever there is an opening for buying a second card, I'd like to take the 3s if it is available.
  5. a nice way to disturb a kid: "hey, you gave your mother an orgasm when you were coming out!"
  6. I don't play on other sites, but I can get you PS mobnies for paypal.
  7. queen of clubs!shipping soon shipped from jupiter4100
  8. "I brought you flours"(Stranger Than Fiction)
  9. I usually clip my fingernails in a particular order, but only for my left hand. It goes thumb, pinky, ring, middle and index.Also sometimes I will clip only my left hand nails.With fast food, I'll usually eat one at a time - fries first - if I am with other people. When I'm alone sometimes I eat a bit of each.I feel really uncomfortable when driving if the tank has less than half its capacity.When I want to put some serious music practice in my room, the closet doors have to be closed, I have to be wearing shoes, and the computer screen and speakers have to be turned off. Oh, and I can't have
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