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  1. http://www.thewrestlinggame.com/Thought I'd share.
  2. Anyone use this site before? Either buying or selling piece of themselves... Not sure if it's worth the risk.
  3. Muckuup


    What can you do with these? I'm a satty junky and put some money on to do the 6 handed triple draws but dont know what I can do with the W$?
  4. Don't really like the idea of them seeing everything that's going on on your computer...usernames and everything else I assume? Would hate for my info to get into the wrong hands...
  5. I would go around and tell anyone I know how buys lottery tickets to save the non winners so you can claim them as a deduction... I think this is possible isn't it?
  6. I'm taking ronaldo today scoring more goals than the other 2 on Man U. I'm currently at a streak of 4.
  7. when I first started this I went 9-0 then all down hill haven't gotten past 5 wins in a long time. am currently at 2
  8. Is there a free way to change the table?
  9. http://www.asylum.com/2008/12/10/plaxico-b...pts-in-gunfire/Enjoy!
  10. I was just wondering if Daniel was doing 200k a bracelet with Ivey in Europe also? I know that for some of Phil's bracelet bets this year some of them counted towards WSOPE. I wonder how much he'll recoop if he wins the event going on right now.
  11. I was there today and was very impressed by the casino! Just a few complaints about the poker room...granted this is mostly through the afternoon on a monday so may not be a regular thing, but the dealers... wow simply terrible very uninterested I don't understand there problems people were tipping you'd think they would want to get out more hands. Quite slow IMO. Action was also quite nitty I did manage to get away up about 140 after about 4 hours or so of play. Table tops are also terrible. Not only the lettering but man were they dirty! For being brand new I expected them pretty clean. The
  12. This is how it works online I'm pretty sure, but if you guys are ever playing live the actual rule whether or not the place your playing enforces it is, an all in bet that is less than a full raise opens action to those who have already acted if its atleast half of the last bet, which in this case if you were live it'd be open to the limper UTG with aces obviously.
  13. play the caesar's 120's good structure and bad play.
  14. if the game was continuous like 3-4 days a week you could lower the rake to max of 3 and make decent money as long as you could keep the table full but 1 dollar a pot is hard to do unless you play like 6 days a week and deal it yourself. If you can get a home game and know people who arent necessarily friends that will come play you can make a killing! It's been like almost 4 years since I have worked thanks to poker related activities.
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