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  1. I'm rebuilding br from 50. Up to 120 in a week just wondering what's a good win rate
  2. I'm down to the round of 32 in the 16.50 heads up nlholdem scoop event. Before the round of 128 i was never all in once, playing Daniel's small all to the extreme. come rail me take this down for 16k. username is vlhpunk69
  3. So i deposited like $40 on pstars Feb. 10th. I ran it up to like $500 playing heads up turbo sitngos. I have since cashed out $250 and now my bankroll is like $650. I am currently playing the $11.50 heads up turbos. I was wondering exactly how much of a roll i need to step up to $23 sitngos. Also has anyone played these with any regularity? Is the competition that much better? I have basically killed the 11.50s winning close to 80% of time. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I concur this is getting ridiculous. Every Friday new videos are added, and only on Friday. Yet this week i get home Friday night and there are no new videos. I am starting a free trail at pokersavvyplus and already the content is far superior to pokervt. If you guys don't seriously step your game I'm gone and i highly doubt if i will be the only one leaving for greener pastures.
  5. I'm kinda with you on this. The launch was amazing but the new material is updated at an incredibly slow rate. All Daniel is doing is uploading a few new hands from the private table he filmed months ago and answering a few questions a week. In fact, most of his questions that he answers are fairly beginner stuff. What happened to tackling new games like limit hold em or plo???? Daniel said these would be done with the same time and care as the launch. It's been quite awhile and I'm seriously considering canceling my subscription. I can find better things to do with 30 bucks a month.
  6. I played 2 this morning. The play was beyond awful i got broke in razz with a346 vs. 8710j boy i run bad. However they can seem to be good moneymakers if u can make some hands
  7. So I'm leaving for Vegas Saturday for a week. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on decent smaller buy in tourneys, like which casinos has decent ones. I hate the small buy in shove fests. I'm looking for some tourneys with $100 buyin or less with a decent structure. I got about a 1500 bankroll for the trip. I also have heard some casinos run live sitngos. Those have been my bread and butter for a while so just wondering if they're a decent value. I will probably play some lower limit no limit cash games. Any idea which casinos have easiest games. Any advice would be greatly a
  8. I posted a similar reply weeks ago on the suggestions but no one seemed to agree. Most of the launch material was great, but the new material is posted every Friday. Most of the new material can be gone through in less than an hour, 4-5 hours of material a month does not warrant a $30 monthly fee. In addition, many of the online pros post things very sporadically. If this is all thats going to be posted on the site i seriously will have to consider canceling my subscription.
  9. It certainly doesn't look good, but your 3 bet kinda commits you. I personally think getting 30% of chips in and then mucking preflop is god awful. Since its a $3 dollar tourney AQ and AK are definitely in his range and maybe even 77 and 88. I call and hope to win the race.
  10. I fold; like u said hes playing very tight if he has pp you're dead and you are only being laid about 1.5 to 1. if it was 2-1 I'd call, but with those odds you still have a very healthy stack, call and lose and you're the new ss. I'd wait for a better spot.
  11. I'm not folding top 2 there, its unlikely he has jj or 1010 because you have one of each, maybe 66 but there are a lot of combo draws that can shove here as well, or more possible than a set is he could have the same hand. I'd call then puke in my mouth when showed 66.
  12. I signed up for pokervt about a week after the launch and i was thrilled with it. However, since then the amount of new content really has not been up to par with similar poker training sites. Annette posted a few videos at the launch and nothing since. The only pro who seems to regularly add new material is Adam Junglen. In addition, a lot of the new material that is posted is just answers to questions and not much strategy wise. It would also be nice if more of the pros would record tourneys that they play. Thanks guys and i hope to see more new material soon!
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