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  1. I cashed in colossus. Been getting my ass handed to me since though
  2. I'll bet anyone 1 billion dollars that DN played perfect poker but got unlucky.
  3. A story like that has all kinds of potential to be turned into a 3 time award winning screenplay.
  4. someone could probably write a book, perhaps a screen play, on things you don't understand.
  5. can you lean over and look at the other guys screen to see his cards?
  6. Something seems a little fishy here. There's a no way a script could receive 3 honors and not get made into a movie. 3 honors guys. 3.
  7. New plan, turn it into a sequel to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, set about 30 years after the original ended....Charlie ended up selling the factory and buying a casino. Gene Wilder reprises his role of Willy Wonka of course, but now he's evil and tries to stack the deck against our hero whenever possible. The oompa loompa's are now black jack and craps dealers and sing morality songs about the pit falls of gambling. the climactic sequence is Charlie versus our hero in a heads up hold em match with control of the casino on the line.
  8. apparently McCarthy chose to give up before the game even started rather than test Sherman. Pretty solid game plan there
  9. and at least one montage with "The boys are back in town" playing in the background when things start to heat up at the tables for the hero.
  10. John Laroquette as the priest, DJ Qualls as the collection basket guy, Estelle Costanza as the annoyed old lady.
  11. I don't think you change a thing. You got dialogue that literally pop off the page aimed at shopping mall people. I'd like to see Jim from "The Office" in the lead, the hot red head from "Starship Troopers" as the wife and Robert Loggia as the wise old mentor guy.
  12. Biggest mall in the city/food court sounds like you're targeting the lowest of the low. C'mon man.
  13. That was amazing, we definitely need more. What exactly is "mainstream mall-going America" though?
  14. Did you hear Robin Williams died?
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