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  1. Yes, the dealer is supposed to burn cards, but in any Stud game it would be rare to see 5 people see the end, let alone all 8. This has only happened to me once, and it was in a party play money game.
  2. No! There is more variance in Stud, to say the least. The hand values run much closer together than HE, and their is one more big bet(!) street. (AA) K vs. (22) 3 is (I think) only a 2 to 1 dog compared to AA vs. 22 in HE, where it's a 4.5 to 1 dog. Also, since everyones cards are not shared, there is no domination. Stud has more variance. I could look like an idiot right now if you were being sarcastic, in which case I apologize preemptively! :oops:
  3. Sootah, for the last example you gave about the percentage with more cards to come, is there a shortcut to knowing this if the *4 thing is off?Well, the *4 is for two cards to come, remember that. Basically, rough estimates are:Flush - About 4 to 1 for one card, 2 to 1 for twoStraight - About 5 to 1 for one card, 2 to 1 for bothBasically, I just remember that flushes (9 outs) hit about 35% of the time with two, and 14 outs is about 50%, so you can kinda estimate the percentages in between. I am sure if you search the net you can find a chart that has the percentages. The odds (like 2 to 1 or 3
  4. does every hand in the range of hands count the same?No they don't. The thing here is that if he is likely to play all these the same way, the probabilities of him having these hands are different. Pocket pairs are made less ways than high cards. I will put him on a larger range for simplicities sake here. Let's say he can have AK, AQ, AA, KK, or any two high cards (A-10) that are suited in clubs. I think you can make AK (as well as AQ) 16 ways, while pocket pairs 6 different ways. The hands with two clubs can be made 8 ways (Note that AKc and AQc are already counted). This is where estimatin
  5. But, can they technically claim that they won money Gus never paid them? Speaking of that, there hasn't been a Gus on PokerStars post in about 3 days.He was on yesterday actually. Also, on one of the WPT's didn't Doyle say he was having his first losing year until he one the Legends of Poker? Hmmmm...
  6. lol i wish i had now, but what would u do with that full house, i think the majority of players would have gone all in , and even if i had called and lost i probably would have been gone soon anyway with only like 20 chips left and blinds on 2/4. But thanks all for the feedback :-)I find it hard to believe you have digested the TOP and moved all in on the river. Please go back and reread the chapter on "Heads Up on the End". Even if it wasn't heads up, the same concept applies. Note that you only get called when beat here. Also, I think I would raise the flop, and push on the turn. I don't see
  7. No Limit HE is a substantially easier game than Limit. Read Mason Malmuths essay on it in Poker Essays.
  8. I don't know about all this Krablar business but you shouldn't give a free card on the turn. It's pretty apparent he has a king or two clubs, and it's a disaster to let him try to let him hit his 9 outers (clubs or 7, Q, J in this case). BET THE TURN.
  9. Where does it say he is going to FTP? That would be excellent!
  10. I think it's pretty clear that everyone thinks they are the best Goldeneye player here. And one hit kills is the only way to go. If you think you are the best, than having to face oddjob should be no biggie. Sissies, although I am at best above average. I am a substantially better Perfect Dark and Timesplitters player, which is unusual. As for Tecmo Bowl, Bo Jackson is an unstoppable force. Bo knows Tecmo Bowl. All my best games are on SNES and Gamecube. I smoke anyone at Super Street Fighter II Turbo. The one will Cammy, Fei Long, etc. Having Fei Long scream all those chee
  11. You're post is juvenile and stupid. Mason admitted he was a dog in the heads up match, which I think was part of why people were flipping out, claiming that Mason thought he was better but still declined. It makes sense right? Mason is a ring game player. He plays full tables. Heads up poker is completely different. I think it's understandable that Mason would not want to play heads up if he has no experience. It's also understandable that the ones who take up Negreanu's offer are gonna be favorites. They choose the game and the stakes, and are normally outstanding players in and of themselves
  12. I think it's pretty clear that I am not a DN FR. I like him, I think he is a good player, but I stand up for David and Mason here...
  13. Daniel's post in the WPT Forum was stupid and childish. I don't think you can really disagree. If you have read Tournament Poker for Advanced Players or know anything about Variance, you will know that putting up alotta money when it's too close may not be the correct decision for them to make. Everyone has to respect that. 100k is a shitload of a cash folks. Let's say Sklansky is a 53% favorite in his choice of games. Would you play 55 vs. AK over and over again for 100k a couple of times? That is alotta cash to wager in the short run on something so damn close. I would venture to guess David
  14. Something was directed towards them though. I do agree with you that basically they shouldn't have said anything. But when someone mocks you on your own site, I think that ellicits a response, no? I wouldn't be surprised if Mason hasn't the time. And we all know if you've read their books that they don't really do anything without an edge. They are still poker players and I think it's naive and stupid to say their not. Isn't that what poker's about to some people? Making money. To make money, you need an edge. Simple as that. To be a poker player, you don't have to just put up 100k on coin fli
  15. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!! I rarely feel the need so laugh out of insolence while writing a post, but your arguments combined with this quote pretty much sum up the size of the grain of salt with which your words are being taken by the smarter posters here (a class of which I assure you I am NOT a member). Do you play mostly no-limit, perchance?Crap, I just broke my own rule of assumption.look guy you need to learn how to read cause the person previously asked me a question I answered. As far as no limit I play it but it's not my best game STUD is my best game so bad assumption.
  16. I don't understand what the hell you are saying. First you dog Sklansky, by mocking his use of math, then when you get shut down, you just switch gears and start attacking his "followers". His true followers are some of the toughest players around. His true followers mix up their game, use deception and still play +EV. Simple as that. It's hard to beat someone like that. It seems as though you ridicule something you know nothing about, and then when you are caught, you just try to sidetrack the conversation. Very little math is done outside the probability forum in 2+2 land. I welcome you to
  17. This is quite a bit off from what Sklansky writes about. He stresses that at the higher levels you must dig into peoples heads, play the psychological games, and mix up your game well, varying how you play hands, and occasionally raising with hands you wouldn't from different positions. You make him out to be some kind of stiff, who has a set play for a set situation who plays it the same every time. Obviously you haven't read enough Sklansky to know what the hell you are talking about. Let's face it. Every time you make a decision that isn't mathematically sound, you are losing money. It's th
  18. I'll take a shot for a 10 handed table1. this years wsop champ2. gus hansen---how he can EVER be left out of superstar table is sick3. edog---- I agree he must be at this table4. doyle-----hes doyle5. john juanda-----his results over 5 years in big tourneys should be enough6. mr. negreanu7. phill Ivey------someone tell me why he should not be there, im listening8. layne flack------in my opinion, maybe top 3 of all nlh tourney players9. ted forrest-----as seasoned as anyone, frightening skills10. the grinder------must I say why, a true animalalternate #1 tuan lealternate#2 carlos mortensonI d
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