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  1. Bad beats do suck. But the worst thing you can do is loosen up your game and try to beat them at their game. Play your own solid brand of poker, and if it helps (it won't) remember that the majority of beats you take should be bad beats. You're doing the right thing by getting your money in with the best hand and they're getting lucky. If the cards were face up you'd play those hands the same way, right? Remember Sklansky's poker theorem.Also, in my opinion, bluffing at .05/.10 is wasted money. Most of them aren't smart enough to realize what you're doing and will call all day with anything.Go
  2. My first post was me asking for a critique on my use of the Krablar.Thank god I've gotten beyond that.Not much, but a little.Take posting off topic for example.
  3. I thought about it, but don't think I'm going to make it up there.It's pretty reasonable though, from what I've heard.I think there's details at www.thehugeshow.net
  4. Without any reads, it's hard to say, but there really wasn't much aggression from either of your opponents. $5 Is not that big of a bet, I'm guessing SB's got a weak ace.I'm not seeing where you're getting an indication he caught trips.I make 3/4 to pot size bets on the turn and river.If he's got trips, he hid it very well.All thoughts are MHO of course.
  5. Yeah, I figured that out after I posted.I'm not very quick today.
  6. Sorry, weak attempt at humor.But seriously, that advice has helped me quite a bit, especially when the cards are running cold and yahoos playing rags are outdrawing me.It's easy to overplay mediocre hands and play absolute junk just because you're in the small blind.Congrats on the good run man.But Kendren was right, you probably should ignore me.
  7. I would think the TAG is using table image to scare you off.Playing with his chips and then checking would make me think he's not as strong as he'd like you to think.I agree with the check on the river. You're only going to be called by hands that beat you.
  8. That's kind of what I figured.I've gotta think he hit a set of fives since he woke up there on the turn.
  9. I'm in the BB with 4h6c.50/$1PRE-FLOPUTG, UTG+1 calls, UTG+2 folds, MP1 folds, MP2 folds, CO folds, Button calls, SB calls, Hero checks.4 sbFLOP [board cards 7H,5D,8C ]SB checks, Hero bets, UTG+2 folds, Button bets, SBfolds, Hero bets, Button calls.10sbTURN [board cards 7H,5D,8C,7C ]Hero checks, Button checks.5 bbI was hoping to cr since he raised after the flop.RIVER [board cards 7H,5D,8C,7C,10C ]Hero bets, Button calls.Final pot 7bb
  10. Second hand at the table so no read at allCritique all streets please, and don't hold back.I've got AdTcPoker Room .50/$1PRE-FLOPFolds around to Hero. Hero bets $0.75, Villian calls $0.50.FLOP [board cards 6H,5S,KC ]Hero bets $0.50, Villian calls $0.50.TURN [board cards 6H,5S,KC,5C ]Hero bets $1, Villian bets $2, Hero calls $1.This call really bugs meRIVER [board cards 6H,5S,KC,5C,JH ]Hero checks, Villian bets $1, Hero folds.I'm guessing this is standard, but I'm worried about spewing with absolutely nothing.I'm always trying to be aggressive, but I think I'm being too aggressive sometimes.
  11. Bet.If he's got a pocket pair he's raising out of the BB so no trips on the flop.I'm guessing he's got KT and trying to push you off a draw with the flop flurry.Looking at it again, AJ is a possibility here, but I think you've got to bet given the passive play on turn and river.
  12. Results can keep you from getting an unbiased critique on your play.It's your play that's important, not the results.Usually most people will post results after they've gotten some input on how they played the hand.
  13. I'm coming out of a little downswing myself and something that helped me was just getting away from the grind for a little while.I took about a week off so when I sat back down I really, really wanted to play and win. I played in a few cheap NL SnG's and crushed them, which helped me get some confidence back and then got back to the limit cash games refreshed and with regained confidence.It's amazing how much a bad attitude can hurt you. There was a little while where I went into hands with the best of it and expected to lose because my confidence was so low. Sure enough, I would lose them. So
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