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  1. Does anyone know what the lowest NL blinds are played at Turning Stone? Do they have $0.50/$1, $1/$2? Also, what is typically the max buyin for these blinds, and is it recommended to buy in for the max?Thanks.
  2. I don't play stud, so don't flame me if this is obvious. With 7 cards max per player and 52 cards in the deck, how can 8 people fit at a table of online stud? Are they counting on the fact that some people will fold?
  3. I've been playing poker for about a year and a half with friends in small home games and I've won over $1k. I'm wondering which poker book would most help me get better and improve my skills. I'm not trying to advance to "fulfill my dream of becoming a poker pro", rather, I want to further my knowledge of the game and become a better player. We play exclusively NL holdem cash games with a $20 buyin and .25/.50 blinds...any suggestions?
  4. What casinos in the Northeast have an age limit of 18 as opposed to 21?
  5. 14 hours at a home game...came out the big winner at +$150ish with .25/.50 blinds
  6. I was playing earlier on fulltilt poker and I won a NL holdem SnG where the first prize was a $24 + $2 satellite token...I don't like playing stakes that high..and I am wondering if theres a way for me to exchange that token for cash, or if theres a way to send it to someone for almost equivelent money.
  7. With no money invested into the pot, and .25/.50 blinds, I called a raise of $25 all in with 2-7 offsuit for no reason at all.Turns out I busted JJ and AT on the river with a straight!
  8. Blinds .50/1.00, had AKd, raised it, got 2 callers. Flop comes AA3. I bet, got raised all in, about $25 total, and gladly called. Guy turned over 88. Q on turn, and 8 on river. I lose. A lot.
  9. Excuse my lack of knowledge, this is my first time playing poker outside of home games.In online tournaments, what does "NL Holdem $20 + $2" mean? I assume that $20 is the buyin, but what is the 2? Also, could someone explain what sit + go and freeroll is?
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