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  1. its his money, let him do what he want, but there is one thing we can all agree on, if andrew black won, the dealers would all be hooked up.
  2. http://www.worldseriesofpoker.com/wsop_res...58023&SUBMIT=Gocheck out #10!!
  3. yo, i was up all night on cardplayer audio, and then fell asleep on my couch at like 7:00 mountain time, and then i find out that Jo won at like 7:30, not cool, he seems like a cool guy, much better than another fool in a pstars shirt
  4. lol i forgot about that, and i think fishman had 1K at one point and came back to get an average stack by the end of yesterday, so we'll have to see what negraunu can does :-)
  5. Its good to believe, but can we be a little realistic, the man has had a bad WSOP, and being down to 3K at the feature table with aggresive Farha sitting on 40K is the kind of scenario where its time to just think about the 2006 WSOP
  6. ya i read that thing on poker trails too, and started laughing, but then realized that i had mixed up farha and negrauanu and that shut me up
  7. dam thats alot, more than most 40 year old players have seen, i see you post here alot and i dont think your lieing, but how does a 16 year old have that big a bankroll, how much did u start with, i just put in 70 dollars into full tilt one day and now i have it up to 150 but that took me like 3 months....
  8. nice save.I guess my biggest pot wasn't technically a pot.playing a $10/$20 limit game. I have quads. straight flush not possible.I'm holding J'sboard reads A J J x xwe get heads up, no cap we start raising back and forth. I told the guy "I'll raise all night."He responds "kid, stop while you're ahead. I'd bet you five grand you can't win this hand."I looked around the table and asked the dealer "freeze the table?" all agreed.I stepped out to my car, returned and layed my money on the table.He asked the guy running the game if his credit was good. The house said it was. He flips Aces.I won $
  9. oh it was the ace of hearts on the flop and the opponent with jacks full of aces had the ace of spades, the guy with the nut flush had a heart flush using the king of hearts since the ace of hearts was already on the flop
  10. first off let me just say that before anyone flames me for this, keep in mind i am only 16 years old and work at a Wendy's fast food joint, so this is kinda a big deal for me.I started playing poker like 1.5 years ago after getting hooked watchin WPT and WSOP. I play holdem live with some friends like every 2nd week and play online(yes i know its illegal at 16 years old) well like everyone else i started playing holdem but got bored just playing hold em just that so i started playing other games, and after a while i read mike capplettii's book on omaha H/L split, and started playing that.I li
  11. thanks, dam, i thought with the starting chip lead he would get at least 2nd :cry:
  12. can someone do me a huge favor and tell me who won the wpt championchip, im too cheap for cable and i am a big hasan habib fan(cause i am brown)
  13. How about the highest finish by a Canuck?probably the winner of the tourney, i think if you count, like at least a third of us are canuck
  14. does a guy who lives in calgary but was born, and raised in Toronto count, my pic on pstars should show i am i torontonian for life
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