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  1. thanks for the report... definitely made me want to head to Vegas!
  2. I've still got money now.. not sure what I'll do when it eventually runs out... I'll just wait and see...CCM
  3. Ready to get started!!I'll check out the video.. good stuff!You going to tape all the ones you're in or what?
  4. nice...seriously though, Harrah's is a decent choice... MGM is good... Luxor's ok... Monte Carlo is good...personally, I don't like the high dollar (Wynn, Bellagio, etc..) or the low-rent (downtown, Circus-Circus, etc..)... I shoot for the middle...I like to be able to play where I stay, so I don't have to worry about late night cabs and stuff like that... just my preference though... YMMV
  5. for me, it really depends on my read of these guys... if they are 'tight' then I would expect I would be up at least one K or A.... and I'd be racing..Do I want to race in this spot? I dunno.. it would depend on my mood...I think in most cases, I'm going to fold here though.As stated earlier, I'd rather make a bad fold than a bad call...and, going back down a level is a pain...so I'd probably fold this, and look to get my chips in the middle sometime in the next round, when I have 4th locked up...
  6. blacklist site is a great resource.. thanks!!!
  7. You suck!!Have fun though! Can't wait for the trip report!
  8. you see this all around our society these days...kids sports have gotten outrageous...eveyone spouts the 'it's all for the kids' mantra, but as soon as the game starts the parents are going nuts.. fights break out... jsut crazy stuff!!!
  9. funny stuff....people sitting behind their computers are very brave!
  10. Good promo!Unfortunately, I just switched banks, so I can't move any money anywhere at the moment. By the time Neteller gets my bank info swapped around, this one will be over! :(I'll just have to wait for the next one!
  11. I had the same thought... this thread popped into my brain... too funny!!!
  12. dead money alert!I'm now in the low buy-in league.... look out suckas!
  13. I had good intentions, but work and my family conspired against me!!! Why can't they all just leave me alone and let me play poker?
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