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  1. That was fun to watch! You must be having the greatest day of your life!!! Congratulations Gibler!
  2. I know. Off Topic. But please Tom, win one for the old guys!
  3. This could be the most insane post in the history of FCP. This guy is absolutely nuts. Steak 'n Shake is AWESOME!
  4. What a huge bummer. Please get well...
  5. Thanks for posting the video. One observation: wasn't anyone ever taught that one should tuck their goddamn shirt tails in on a golf course? What are we, a bunch of hooligans? Have you ever seen a REAL golfer who has his shirt untucked? Puh-leeaassse. One is not allowed anywhere on the grounds of my club looking that way, and we're not even particularly snotty.Show a little respect.JK, but not really.
  6. Almost. The jfarrell20 open-fold is a tournament tactic used when other players are behind you, ostensibly so that your fold increases the chance that at least 2 others may "go at it", hopefully resulting in the elimination of one of them.
  7. THIS is a rational way of thinking about the issue, IMO.
  8. Lighten up, Francis..... thoughts like those of the OP are why we are all doomed to a lowest-common-denominator, Socialist, PC, punishing-the-successful-so-as-not-to-offend-the-losers future. GG all that once made Western Civilization great. I tell you, it's f-ing ponderous, man.
  9. Bali Hai is a nice resort course. They treat you well, have a decent clubhouse and proshop, and it's in very good shape. Greens were not as fast as they should be, but the layout is fun, pretty to look at, cute cart girls also nice to look at, and they have caddies if you can walk, which is awesome. The bad news is that the driving range is a ridiculous 30-yard-long netted cage. How does one spend $30-40M for land and building a course like this and put people into a god-damned aviary to warm-up! At $325 without caddy it's a bit steep, but that's better than the $500 Wynn charges for his
  10. He said he used to make $30,000 a month signing, now he's down to $18,000 each month at the shop in Ceasar's. Still, he makes $200K for sitting there all alone. He seems like a very lonely guy, perhaps that's why the Asian "girlfriend" with HUGE knockers....but she must be a steady, she was here in Atlanta in October when we met him, and is still with him now. Charlie Hustle, you bet!
  11. Was in Vegas Thursday-Sunday this week. We had a dinner arranged for 11 buddies with Pete Rose, that my boss had purchased at a charity function. Pete told stories and signed all kinds of things we had brought, including Cincinnati Reds betting slips from that afternoon. LOL. He is obsessed with not being in the Hall. Maybe they will let him in after he dies. He is a degenerate gambler to this day, but could probably still be a good hitter. He's pretty fit. He said Koufax was the best pitcher he ever faced, and that his buddy Tony Perez once ****ed a chicken. I'm not making that up...l
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