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  1. Sort of, but I'd say that about 75% of movies that come out though.
  2. They are not going to put a novice dealer in a high stakes game, it's just not gonna happen, that's why you tip better. Anyway I made my points will you just confirm my latest challenge failures.
  3. That's why I said "Sliding Scale" as opposed to "flat percentage"
  4. Why not? I understand they are doing the same thing, but you are playing higher stakes, you are paying for a better service, the dealers should be better, you should tip better. It the basic tennant of the service industry. When you go to a high end restaurant you tip better than at Outback, why should a cardroom be any different?
  5. Oh well maybe the dealer actually was saying to be tipped 20%, which would be insane, but you should tip on a scale of the stakes you are playing, not just $1-$2 a hand regardless of the stakes. However anyone that works in any kind of service industry that bitches about tips around non-service people is a jerk. Noone wants to hear about how you were stiffed. It's the same as a bad beat story from a stranger. Or even a friend.
  6. Why? Better waiters work at more expensive resturaunts and get better tips. Better dealers deal the higher stakes games and should get better tips as well.
  7. Actually I think if they keep making SW movies like the new one, keeping it animated and action packed it might be awesome. I think the new one is just going to try to be a movie set in the star wars universe, as opposed to being something trying to be as good as the original trilogy. I am actually hopefull for Clone Wars.
  8. Man I was getting ready to rail Pilly Pill and thought you were just drunk.
  9. Oh so he's a douche, well that makes it acceptable. If he had a crush on your girl he probably talks crap about her behind your backs too. Screw on.
  10. Have a couple of drinks, if you are able to stop after two. That will help you relax a lot.
  11. Collard greens and black eyed peas. I think that is only on New Years Day though.
  12. About a year ago there was a flavor that was sour patch kids. It was quite delicious. Not great for an everday slurpee, but a nice change from coke/cherry.
  13. Scarface is not a very good movie and should not be on any top ten list.
  14. Well if it was a $10 crackwhore then yeah it would disgust me, but if was a clean attractive hooker, I would love to eat her out.I'm not fat in the slightest. A self-confidence issue, maybe, but I don't care, I like eating pussy, so what. It gets me off, I'm not going to second guess it. If something that gives me so much pleasure comes from some sort of deep psychological malfunction, I wish I had more of them.
  15. 20% off, really? Am I the only man who loves eating girls out?
  16. count me in the down camp. But we only have 6 hours to do this.
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