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  1. Smash is right heads up poker is more about luck than skill. Thats why I find it funny when people want to challange you to a headsup match to proove something.
  2. Opps, I thought that there was one, missed it in the list. I hate bad beat stories, but this one took the cake for me.
  3. I just find it funny that the guy calls my reraise on the flop with nothing, reraises my bet on the turn with a straight draw, and then hits it on the river.
  4. PokerStars No-Limit Hold'em Tourney, Big Blind is t400 (9 handed) converterMP2 (t15260)MP3 (t12300)CO (t17600)Button (t27210)SB (t5080)Hero (t15395)UTG (t19355)UTG+1 (t9815)MP1 (t34935)Preflop: Hero is BB with A:heart:, T:club:. [color:#666666]1 fold[/color], SB completes, Hero checks.Flop: (t1200) 5:club:, 4:club:, T:heart: [color:#0000FF](3 players)[/color]SB checks, Hero checks, [color:#CC3333]UTG+1 bets t400[/color], UTG+1 calls t1400.Turn: (t4800) Q:club: [color:#0000FF](2 players)[/color][color:#CC3333]Hero bets t2400[/color], Hero calls t2400.River: (t14400) 9:spade: [color:#0000FF](
  5. Don't know how old he is, but he seems to be a really cool guy. One night during the $11 rebuy on stars he went all in every hand for the first hour. I had 52K at the break.
  6. Don't say that in there chat window though, they threatened to take my chat away for it.
  7. I usually tell them: "You had outs", this encourages there bad play, makes them feel like they know about poker, and usually tilts the guy they just busted. I usually start spewing incorrect odds calculations at the guy they just busted as well, trying to convince him that it was a good play. The more pissed he gets the more odds I bring up.
  8. This is what is awesome about poker. At any time you can sit down with the best in the world and play. In the last year I have gotten to play with many of the top pros, and I feel that it has definitely improved my game each time.
  9. How did this thread get to 14 pages? Die Thread Die!
  10. Man its contagious, don't tell the fish about this forum. By the way after my post earlier I went on to win a satalite for a $215 WCOOP seat. I had forgotten that they award $W's, because I was going to use the money for tourney buyins, but I do plan to play some of those events anyway so I guess I have a head start.
  11. It's funny that you mention Mel Juda. I met Mel at Commerce last year, and while I obviously knew who he was, I did not know how talented he was. Mel was talking about a hand, and had a different opinion about it than I did. Foolish as I was I told Mel, man I don't agree with you, the guy could have easily had a premium hand. We went our seperate ways, and about a month later I sat with my mouth open, as I watched him come back from being shortstacked to dismantel that WPT final table. When I saw Mel before the WPT Championship, I made sure to go up to him and let him know that after wat
  12. Two items:1. I was playing far too loose.2. I was playing hands out of position that I should have been folding.
  13. Just finished 6th in the $11 rebuy on poker stars. It feels really good, because at the WSOP I discovered a few bad habits, and have obviously fixed them with two good showings in two days.
  15. The point is that you have allready tipped. Everyone did, even if they didn't walk away with any cash. So when I loose are the dealers gonna cough up some cash for me.
  16. I have always felt that when we are already paying a "service fee" that any tip which is left should be adjusted accordingly. I think that the dealers have gotten a little greedy here, and it is truly sad. After figuring out that the dealers probably recieved a tip of around $3000 each for the main event I for one don't feel sorry for them
  17. I saw Al playing at the final table of the Poker at the Plaza tournament on the day of the main events final table. So I said to him, man this wasn't the final table we had planned for today hu. He seems like a pretty cool dude.
  18. One time on pokerstars I created WPT logo cards using photoshop, and switched the standard cards. It worked, but as soon as you restarted the software would detect that you had made a change, then force a new download wiping out the changes.Unless they figured out how to get around the force update problem I don't know how it is possible to change the skin.
  19. Good point.Not that I give a rat's about Timmy. And Timmy could still hop on ebay and pick it up anyway, if his annoying little arse wanted it that bad.But, still, fair point.I hate the little .****, he kept getting in my when when I was trying to get to the restroom. Every FREAKING BREAK he stood in front of the door waiting for Phil Helmueth. I shoved him down one time.
  20. What exactly is the problem with someone selling an autograph to a fan who will never meet DN, never get a chance to get one for himself, and is happy to pay for it?I'm annoyed by your annoyance.I have a problem with it only because Daniel probably took time out of the $10,000 event to sign it for the person, and in the mad dash for the restroom that was a huge deal. You do not even know how bad these guys were hounded, and this scumbag who only wanted to sell it probably stood in the way of one of Daniel's real fans who had come all the way out to the event just to get one. Poor Timmy went
  21. I think that the events should have a no autograph policy. They should hold some sort of special event before for the pros to meet with fans, and sign autographs, then the pros could focus on the task at hand.
  22. I think it was probably more of a statement like he doesn't agree with the whole 3% taken out of the prize pool thing, and I for one agree with him. Why should we be forced to tip out for a service that we have not received.
  23. I did the math, and with 300 dealers which is what I heard that they had the dealers only received 3,666.99 each (including 1/300th of the $100 ), well I don't know about you, but I think they made out just fine. If they expect a big tip at the end QUIT JACKING THE TIP FROM THE PRIZE POOL UP FRONT. I for one am always happy to tip as long as service fees/etc have not been subtracted from my buyin. The point of these fees is to make sure that the dealers don't get screwed in the end.
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