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  1. Why do you feel that way? I'm not trying to be a jerk. I'm just curious. Do you really hang out with him?wow that is so funny, i knew 100% you guys would flame on that very statement. I only say that because i read his blog everyday and i follow his play in tournaments and in cash games that i see on tv. That is the only reason why i said that. ahh no use, forget it
  2. Found this on a local forum I belong to. Thought it was quite funny. Its funny because i feel like i know daniel on a personal level and these guys hardly have a clue as to who he is. This quote cracked me up..."Looks like a WSOP bracelet that he won. Probably just put it on for the pic." anyway just thought id share.here is the link: http://forums.clubsi.com/showflat.php?Cat=...940&an=0&page=4
  3. Is it me or have I been seeing a lot of Kings come up on the flop?!?!
  4. I was happy with the structure. the levels lasted 30 minutes and it went something like this1st - $25 - $50 2nd - $50 - $100 3rd - $75 - $150 4th - $100 - $200 5th $25 ante $200 - $400 6th $50 ante $300 - $600 this is where i got eliminated!! 7th $75 ante $400 - $800 8th $100 ante $600 - $1200 9th $200 ante $800 - $1600 10th $300 ante $1000 - $2000 11th $500 ante $1500 - $3000 12th $500 ante $2000 - $4000 13th $1000 ante $3000 - $6000 14th $1000 ante $4000 - $8000 15th $2000 ante $6000 - $12,000 16th $2000 ante $8000 - $16,000 17th $3000 ante $10,000 - $20,000
  5. Wasn't she some high school beauty pagent winner? I don't doubt it either. And another thing. How many of the pro's there were playing in the satellite? I didn't expect david williams to be playing in that, but i guess if they can get a cheap buy in, might as well, right? Sam grizzle, on the other hand, i wouldnt be surprised if he was completely staked for the SUPER satellite. Actually i hope we see grizzle in the main event this year, always fun to watch.David Williams wasn't playing in the SS. He was there watching and talking to Sam Grizzle for a bit. Then he left. Sam was playing in
  6. yeah i want to go to foxwoods this year so im gonna try and do that. Tell me about the ones in AC at the trop and all?? Any links or so? Thanks
  7. The buy-in was $330. the nice thing about this year compared to last year was this was a non rebuy event. I like those better than rebuys. Thanks for all the comments
  8. I played in a super satellite for this very tourney last year and I bubbled out in 10th place. 8 Seats were paid and 9th got $8500. Anyway, I was pumped to play in this years super satellite and mentally prepared myself to play. I arrived in AC on Saturday night and played a little 3-6 holdem to warm myself up a bit. I played for about 5 hours only to be up $192 bucks. Not bad. Went to bed cause I had to get up early for the 11:00 SS at the Borgata.Woke up and headed over to the Borgata around 10:30 to find a pretty decent line to register. The SS ended up being postponed to noon since ther
  9. Sorry if this is a repost but i found this on ebay. Quite a few bidders. Thought it was pretty neat. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...gory=14433&rd=1
  10. Paulp put it up as a joke making fun of the guyLMAO-- that is great stuff. I wonder how many people actually fall for it if you can really send him money. Thanks for filling me in!!!
  11. http://www.pokerbot-pro.com/He apparently invented this software that plays online poker for you. What the heck is this? Has anyone seen this in action? According to his blog its only available for like 2 days or something like that. Can someone fill me in?? Sorry if this is a repost.
  12. As the title states, he's in a 25/50 NL table
  13. This is my first post here but i have been following this site since it first came up picking up tips and tricks on strategy for my game. I consider myself to be a good poker player and I have won a few tournements locally and in B&M casinos. However, my rant involves online poker and how utterly horrible it is for me. I mean, no matter where I go, its bad beat after bad beat. And I know im not the only one that rants about this very topic but enough is enough. Im talking people hitting 1 outers on me way too many times. I feel if i don't quit playing online poker, ill have to get a new co
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