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  1. I wore the gear in event #40 on Thursday and actually finished in the money! I went out in 77th place after being KO'ed by Bill Gazes. Wow, what a great experience. I had several players ask about FCP and I only had great things to say. Thanks for the opportunity FCP!
  2. Has anyone compared the player count in the first couple of events with last year? Are there more players playing this year? Flame if you must. I pre-registered for event #40 and was just wondering how it would compare to last year and what the trend was so far.
  3. I'll be there from Aug 2nd through Aug 5th. I've already pre-registered for event #40 ($1000 NL HOLD'EM). It's going on at the same time as the ME, actually starting on the ME day off Aug 3rd. I figure if I bust early at least I can rail the ME. Anyone else playing in this event?
  4. If I stake you Ron will you wear a robe and wizard's hat?When the FCP store opens up, I'm gonna check for logo parachute pants too.
  5. Well, I sent in my cashiers check and made my trip arangements for WSOP event #40 on August 3rd and 4th. It's the $1000 two day nl hold'em event in the middle of the main event. Any other FCPers going? Wonder if I should wear FCP gear?
  6. That's great! Too bad the anouncers don't point out the props when they hit. Maybe next season.
  7. I laughed while watching High Stakes Poker on TV last night when the flop came 456 and I heard Daniel exclaim in the background "That's my big boy!". Surely they're not playing props in the televised game.
  8. I get the thumps because I kicked your ass, I dont want this 'dna gets the thumps for his hard work' sympathy shit. We all had the same advantage/disadvantage. I have agreed and will continue to agree that the blinds went up faster then what I would like (3 minutes off each level doesnt seem like much, but it does indeed drastically effect play). I caught flops and won races last night and won the tournament. We all had to do well in a series of tournaments to even get to the TOC in the first place. This was a VOLUNTEER tournment that each of you chose to buy into on your own will. It
  9. Can the OP change the title of this thread now? lol
  10. Yeah baby! I can watch sports center this week!!!
  11. Congrats on climbing the leaderboard to finish 2nd Randy. Since Spademan had it wrapped up so early, that is the spot we were all fighting for.
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