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  1. define "bankroll" please...do you mean money in our bank accounts...or money that we have specifically for poker?
  2. Let's be realistic.Hoyt Corkins is terible. I still remember his 100 million x bb pre-flop all-in against Jdags...when he was merely holding 8 high. Wow, what a donkey.
  3. Wow, I am definitely NOT surprised that Phil is the current chip leader at the tournament of champions (114 player tournament).There are nine players remaining. Current chip counts are as follows:1. Phil Hellmuth - $281,500 (Seat 4) 2. Mike Matusow - $179,000 (Seat 9) 3. Brandon Adams - $135,500 (Seat 7) 4. Tony Bloom - $130,000 (Seat 8) 5. Steve Dannenmann - $122,000 (Seat 1) 6. Keith Sexton - $95,500 (Seat 6) 7. Hoyt Corkins - $95,000 (Seat 5) 8. Grant Lang - $61,500 (Seat 2) 9. David Levi - $41,000 (Seat 3) Phil = greatest Hold 'Em player alive.
  4. All Phil's bracelets have been in Hold 'Em. There are not two people ahead of him.
  5. You're absolutely correct. I should not use the hundreds of hands I've them play on television to determine whom is the better Hold 'Em player. From now on, I'll only use the following two criteria:1) Hold 'Em bracelets2) Hold 'Em cashesThanks.sw
  6. When I watch Phil play Hold 'Em, I consistently see him playing tremendous poker. He almost always plays quality cards, and if he doesn't, there is a legitimate reason. He makes great decisions and almost always gets his chips in with the best hand. Doyle, on the other hand, plays a lot looser and seems to consistently get his chips in on draws and weak hands. He makes a lot more "donkish" plays, such as limping to the small blind, then calling a decent bb raise. He gets his chips in badly way too often. He is undoubtedly a talent and has contributed immensely to the game; however, I th
  7. daniel, did phil actually say that...or are you just making jokes?
  8. i can definitely see both sides of this issue...
  9. What makes you think Doyle is a better Hold 'Em player than Phil?
  10. SNG players are terrible... I rape them ALL DAY...
  11. Yes, I think Phil is a better Hold 'Em player than Doyle.
  12. Phil Hellmuth was the best player at the table.
  13. Ummm... 8th best Hold 'Em player at the table? What a joke...
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