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  1. i know i lost the hand, i triple barreled and got caught, no biggie not the first time that its happened, but look what i got called with, i was shocked this person called with just a high cardPokerStars Game #4892809839: Tournament #24517414, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level I (10/20) - 2006/05/10 - 18:00:15 (ET)Table '24517414 1' 9-max Seat #3 is the buttonSeat 1: AcesHigh411 (1480 in chips) Seat 2: Nil by Mouth (1490 in chips) Seat 3: amazinmets73 (1460 in chips) Seat 4: Makayla'sDad (1480 in chips) Seat 5: auduovox (1620 in chips) Seat 6: y2ba (1440 in chips) Seat 7: TK1Driver (1550 in chip
  2. i read the other post about catching someone cheating and it reminds me of the time i caught someone cheating, though totally different circumstances because this guy was my friend. We were playing a cash game at a buddy's apartment. We had 2 tables going. I first thought my friend was cheating when he made a really really suspicious call on the turn to only catch a 2 outer on the river to make trips. I asked why he was calling, and he said he thought i was bluffing. So if i was bluffing, then why was he just calling. It was very strange to me.Later on that night we made one table and i
  3. Larson


    0-100, im quittin now, LOST is coming on soon, and i couldnt buy a hand if my life depended on it
  4. Larson


    0-82 now, though i did pick up A2 in the BB Shortly ago, i almost nutted when i saw that
  5. im pissed off, sittin at a .25/.50 NLHE table a pstars, ive seen 70 hands so far and NO pocket pairs, best hand ive had is AK, beyond that, best ace i had was with a 7, i dont mean to complain, but poker can be so boring when you are dealt nothing!p.s. 0-72 now!
  6. I have made an observation and would like to see if anyone agrees or feels the same way i do. Until last week i never played sit n go's over 10 dollars, i usually play 5 or 10 dollar sit n go's depending on how focused i am playing that day. (im playing on Pstars btw). Well i ended up winning a 10 dollar sit n go and getting 2nd on the very next one i registered. I felt like i was playing my A poker and decided to play a 20 dollar sit n go. I have to admit i was a little nervous and it through off my game a bit. But i finally relaxed and played my B game. But what shocked me the most is
  7. What about the time Phil's AK lost to that guy KJ at the WSOP and phil gets real pissed and says "this guy doesn't even know how to spell poker." I though that was pretty clever, even from Hellmuth himself
  8. I don't know if this question has been asked before. But i was wondering which poker site takes the least rake. I play on PStars and it seems like they take a lot for rake. I could be wrong though. Anyone hear play on a lot of sites and knows which site offers the least rake?
  9. Another poker night at a friends house, 10 dollar buy in, blinds .1 - .2, 6 people bought in 1 rebuy to make the pot 70. I have to say i had a horrible card night, my best ace was A 10, and best pair 10 10(im not joking, 5 hours of play of pure 52, 96, 56, 84),early on i pick up a few pots here and there, nothing spectacular, my drunk friend went all in blind with his last 4 dollars and i called with my weak ace, i flopped an ace and that was all the action i played until we got to 3 handed, this following hand came up:i was small blind, dealer limps, i look down and see 10,10 (best hand ive
  10. This was simply a cash game, the blinds were raised like 3 hands later being the initial blinds were rather small compared to the stacks we had.
  11. thanks for your replys guys, i did win about 6 bucks w/o even seeing a flop, i hate rabbit hunting, but we never go a hand w/o seeing all the cards, im not 2nd guessing myself ne more, that wouldve sucked if i lost the pot cause i decided to slow play, im playing another game tonight, if nething intersting hands come up and need some advise again, i hope i can count on u guysthanks again
  12. Hello everyone, im new here but i am familiar with this forum, i read some posts here and there that are actually intersting and help my game. Some of you guys have some good comments on some hands. This is why i have decided to post a certain hand i played at a home game about a week ago. This hand has been on my mind a lot, not that i lost the hand, its how i played it and has been bugging the HELL out of me.It was home game 5 dollar buy in + rebuys (there is always a lot of rebuys). It started off 9 handed, by the end of the night and many rebuys later, it was down to 4 handed with a po
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