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  1. My take on the rake (ha that was funny) is that it affects you less if you are a tight player and more if you are a loose player.I do not play a lot of pots. I can sometimes go a full hour without getting into a major or even semi-major pot. A time rake hurts me more than it does someone who limps into a lot of pots or is playing a lot of pots.Agree or disagree?
  2. You didn't think this was a little funny? If not, then you have a serious comedy problem. It was pretty funny.Don't be such a tight ass. Live a little, have fun, laugh some.
  3. Weww! Got a little concerned when I saw the subject of this post. I play in Tunica at the Gold Strike often and have built up a name for myself, but sometimes I am the jerk at the table when the table needs a laugh. I thought this was going to be a post about me. THank goodness I was wrong.If you are ever in Tunica at the Strike and play 1/2 NL or PLO, look for someone wearing all black and all adidas and being a jerk. It's probably me.
  4. I think this would be a good idea since I am an affiliate of interpoker at www.mcpoker.usThe problem I see occuring is if more than one person is an affiliate for a site and that most people, for some odd reason, think of affiliates as scum.
  5. This thread is like listening to two retards fight over who the biggest Star Trek fan is.
  6. I'll be in PHilly from April 27-31. I'll be looking for some games that THurs and Fri night (Sat I go to AC). I"m there for the Penn Relays. Looking for NL. Whatcha got?
  7. I haven't had that problem with the slow speeds. Maybe try reloading the software backon the computer. Ask themwhen you call about the raked hands.When you call, they will tell you how many hands you have left to reach your bonus. If you have more than one bonus going, then theywill tell you for each bonus. Hope this helps.
  8. I don't find the software to be slower.I'm not sure why you can't get to the cashier while you are at a table. Not really a function that bothers me.THey are working on software upgrades so that you can see your raked hands on the site while you play. Of course, you can just make a simple phone call.Why would I want to sit down at a table full of tight players? Maybe it's my NL background and my style put together, but that is what I prefer. Of course, you are assuming that all tables are tight. They are not. Go see for yourself.
  9. ok, ok, I have to post on this subject. I am an affiliate for interpoker. Here it is www.mcpoker.usNow for the site itself, this subject seems to be right on targer. The graphics are doable, nothing outstanding. Of course, I played on UB.com and couldnt' stand all the different backgrounds and such. I chose the all black background to be quite honest. Anyway, the background is what it is. It's a table and some chairs. I don't quite get into all the other backgrounds at other sites anyway, so it doesn't matter to me. What does matter to me is game selection and the amount of skill the
  10. I haven't seen PL Hole em at all. Where did you see that at? I would be interested in that.Other poker rooms in Biloxi/Gulfport are:Grand biloxiGrand gulfportCopa CasinoPresidentThere are more than 4 in TUnica.Gold StrikeHollywoodSams TownHorseshoeGrand-tunicaI was just in Tunica this Friday. I play almost exclusively at Gold STrike (1-2 NL)www.mcpoker.us
  11. CobolatBlue..from Auburn, AL huh? I grew up in Eufaula, AL and went to college at Troy St. Now over in Mississippi.Anyway, I've heard good things about Bodog.com. I might be checking them out soon. I was never a big fan of party or pacific. I tried out ultimatebet this past weekend and absolutely hated it. The only site I like is interpoker. I go through them at mcpoker.us.Hope this helps.
  12. Such indepth description of the Biloxi area.The grand in Biloxi is decent. Pretty good tournmanets. Non-smoking. Good snack bar. Decent comps.Poker players? Just like anywhere else. I don't think anyone can so, "atlantic city poker players suck, or LA players are the best." Every place is going to have their good players and bad players.The Grand does spread a 1-4-8-8 hold em game which is a little different then most places I have played. I have never seen them spread a NL game, but the do have stud and Omaha.www.mcpoker.us
  13. I wouldn't call the Big Bling a great movie. Poorly filmed, not all that great. I mean if you are hard up for a poker movie, sure get it, but don't spend too much money on it. Like $5 is about what it is worth.
  14. Now you may not believe me because I am an affiliate of their site, but http://www.intercasinopoker.com/index.html?2286214 has some weak players at it.The reason I believe it is weak is because it is a European sports booking company/online casino. So a lot of the clientelle come from the sports book and mostly are European.Here has been my experiences with the site:PLO: VERY tough to beat. PLO is the game of Europeans. I haven't beat that dang game yet!7-Stud--On the $1-$2 table it's a pretty high ante (.25) BUT the players are VERY bad. I have made a little money playing stud even with
  15. A huge advantage? Are you crazy? I hate cap games, especially at a casino. In Missouri the max buy in is $300. You get there after a bunch of people have already cleaned up on the table and buy in for the max and you still could have 2-4, maybe 5 people with over $1K. I like to have the maximum or near the maximum amount of money when I play. It's ludicrous not too.
  16. I have noticed that playing heads up is not profitable unless you are playing for a decent chunk of change. Meaning 1-2 (not chunk of change), I would venture to guess that you would have to be playing AT LEAST 5-10 HE, 2-4 NLHE, heck even 5-10 Stud, for it to beat the rake.
  17. http://www.intercasinopoker.com/index.html?2286214$90 match bonus EVERY month. That's over $1000 a year!!!!Mainly European players, so not a lot of good LHE and NLHE players.Click today and get started. I clear my monthly bonus in the first 4-5 days a month playing only 2 tables at a time!!!http://www.intercasinopoker.com/index.html?2286214
  18. I hate it when people say, "AK, one of my 3 favorite hands." No shit.A favorite hand shouldn't be in the standard top 10 list. 10/Js shouldn't be a favorite hand.Some crap hand like K3 or 10/4 should be considered a favorite hand.Having said all of that, 66 and 10/Js are my two favorite hands. :!:
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