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  1. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. I said POTENTIAL epiphany. I am drinking!mc
  2. Had this potential epiphany while sitting on the toilet after watching PAD cash game.I'm loving the new Matrix, mostly becuase I'm now a cheapskate and pretty much only play the $1 and $2 SNG. The Matrix gives me the ability to play four games for the price of one and make a little of my money back without having to place top 3 in one SNG.So, does this help my variance, much like running it twice, three, etc?mc
  3. I call Huck Seed a friend from my time spent in Vegas as a pro.Could call him up on his cell right now.Yes, brag post.Game over.mc
  4. Ok, thank you for all the information. It has been most helpful. I collect a chip from every poker room I play at so it's sort of a dorky hobby for me. I leave on Thursday and have come up with a list of all the casinos in the area that I will try to play at:Dueces WildCache CreekBlack SheepLucky DerbyPhoenix LoungeMurphy's CasinoLake Bowl Rancho's ClubLimeleightJackson RancheriaCapitol Casino.The following I'm still trying to find info on. Can't seem to find a phone number or online information:Gene's Sierra ClubParagonDon Juan CasinoSun Down CardroomIf anyone has info on those four, let
  5. I'll be in Sacramento, Calif next week. Anyone know of any poker rooms or poker card rooms I can visit? Thanks in advance.mc
  6. Anyone know of any poker near Charlotte, NC? WIll be there for business end of May.Thanks in advance.mc
  7. I'll be there Friday night around 10 or so. I'll be the one telling everyone I'm Allen Cunningham's brother.mc
  8. Some of you may remember me, but I went full time. I ran into a bad streak, got tired of being sick all the time, and went back to work.Wrote a book about it.Like to read it?Here it go: www.mcpoker.us(Yes that was a very poor attempt at recreating the famous In Living Colour bit).mc
  9. I apprecaite all the help on this. So far I have Belterra, Grand Vic in Rising Sun and Argosy in Lawrenceburg.Anymore anyone knows about? Card clubs or anything? I'm heading out there Labor Day weekend.Like I said, I collect a chip from every poker room I play at. Have them framed up. I have been to 130 so far, so it'll be nice to get 131, 132 and 133 in a few weekends.Thanks again for the help.mc
  10. I'm driving over from Champaign, IL. I collect a chip from every poker room I play at, so I try to get them all in the area. I just moved here from Vegas/Mississippi.What are the others in Indiana down in that area? I've got all the Chicago area rooms and the room in Evansville.Thanks again for the help.mc
  11. Need help. Want to plan a trip to the Cinci area for the poker rooms over there. I believe there are three of them. I'm not counting the one by Louisville, I've been there.Can anyone help me out with them? I believe one is Belterra? Thanks in advance for the help.mc
  12. He is 100% for sure the tournament director for the Gold Strike Casino in Tunica, MS. I was there a few weeks ago and met him during some tournaments I played in.Nice guy.mc
  13. Ok, I take back my advice if it is your mom who wants you to write it. You haven't had any journies yet. I can't believe I'm the 'old guy' who is telling the 'youngster' that you are just too young, but I am.Seriously, your mom?mc
  14. Write the book. It can't hurt and it can be very cathartic. I hope you have the experience to fill the book though. I wrote a book on my experience of changing from a 10 year career in track and field to a professional poker player in Vegas. It was fun to write and helped with some of the emotional issues that arrise from playing this game as a profession.If you need/want any help/suggestions, go to my website at www.mcpoker.us and email me.Good luck.mc
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