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  1. i recall a hand where azaria laid down KK pre-flop even though he was getting around 8-1 to call, i assume this is the one?
  2. updated votes:DefensemenScott Niedermayer Anaheim 233,522Nicklas Lidstrom Detroit 214,789Chris Pronger Anaheim 134,185Dion Phaneuf Calgary 110,544Sergei Zubov Dallas 59,269Rob Blake Los Angeles 51,584Mattias Ohlund Vancouver 43,340John-Michael Liles Colorado 38,146Scott Hannan San Jose 34,867Robyn Regehr Calgary 34,552Lubomir Visnovsky Los Angeles 31,664*Rory Fitzpatrick Vancouver 31,310Mathieu Schneider Detroit 30,628
  3. didn't see the show, but i would guess chan-seidel WSOP final hand due to Rounders exposure
  4. at least it could help your conference win the game!
  5. Help vote Rory Fitzpatrick into the allstar game!see http://www.voteforrory.comthis is starting to catch on:http://www.deadspin.com/sports/nhl/you-too...rory-217945.php
  6. interesting articlewhy can't people spell "losing"?
  7. Actuary you're right - it makes no difference. It does give the contestant an opportunity to get close to one of the briefcase girls though.
  8. if your worst bad beat only cost you $35 you're living a pretty good life
  9. with the BC poker championships going on this week they're going to have a $10/25 PL O/8 game going, Johnny Chan was playing in it last night
  10. River Rock in Richmond, BC has been running a $2/5 PL Omaha Hi/Lo game on weekends (not sure if it runs mid-week) - great action game with big stacks
  11. i'm all about fair play. i usally try to declare my check raises in advance.
  12. i thought it was a pretty obvious question, just wanted to hear how someone could disagree
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