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  1. This is at a 6 handed game. You have half the table coluding, sharing cards, raising pots. Even ten handed you gain a significant advantage. 6 handed you can dismantle the table.
  2. Patter mappers? I saw this happening at 100 & 200 NL games. There is plenty of collusion. If you have 3 of the 6 players in the game sharing info, they can dismantle the table.
  3. I was really impressed with David Williams' play. He kept Daniel out of synch for much of the heads up play. I counted at least three times where he check-raised on a total bluff. But he took it a little too far on one hand where Daniel was too invested to fold and ended up doubling Daniel up. It was a critical error, though not nearly as moronic as Josh Arieh's meltdown. As for the pocket Queens against A2, there's not much William's could have done there. He just ran into a big hand.
  4. In NL ring games, a player will raise virtually every hand, often moving all-in preflop. When no one calls he'll turn up a weak hand. In fact when he is called he often is holding something marginal (say k9) and goes ends up going broke several times. Obviously, this player gets no respect and thus generates a lot of action. But then evenetually someone gets involved in a pot with him, calls his all in with say pocket tens and runs into pocket kings. What's happening is that the cheater is working with other players at the table, losing his money to them. Finally, when he gets a monster hand,
  5. I try to be courteous at all times, win or lose, but sometimes I can't resist needling. When a player goes on tilt I want him to be gunning for me. He'll start coming after me with weak holdings, try to bluff me off pots... In short, by taunting/insulting/needling I can sometimes get someone to implode and give me all their chips. And in the end isn't that what it's really all about? I guess all is fair in love and poker.
  6. I play a lot of NL hold'em and one of the most common bad plays I see people make is calling all in after the flop with a 4-flush. Of course this is sometimes the right play, but more often than not, the bettor is getting insufficient odds to committ all of his chips to the flush draw. First off, I think you need to have the nut-flush draw. This is especially true in multiway pots where you could lose to a bigger flush draw. Weak players are especially succeptible to this mistake as they have a tendencey of overvaluing any two suited cards. Second, you would like to have overcards so that you
  7. This is sort of a reverse tell... If I'm in the BB with a moster hand and there is just one caller I will sometimes click the "call any" box. This LOOKS like I checked the autofold button and I will often get action from the SB. Of course this is a dangerous move but it sometimes pays off and helps me switch things up.
  8. I play NL exclusively and small pocket pairs are my favorite hands. I actually prefer to play them in multi-way or raised pots (I'll call up to 3xthe BB), the reason being that when I hit my small I'm more likely to get paid off, especially if they hold an overpair. Simply put, the implied odds on small pocket pairs are massive. Sure, 7 out of 8 times you will have to fold after the flop but when you hit you can break someone.
  9. Does anyone know if any of the sites allow you to create private tables for no-limit ring games? Poker Stars only offers private tourneys and Party Poker's private tables can only be played fixed-limit.
  10. WilcoThe ShinsBroken Social SceneArcade FireBeta BandDeath Cab For CutieThe DecemberistsElliott SmithIron & WineThe Fruit BatsThe BeatlesThe WhoBig StarBen FoldsBeckPavementOlivia Tremor ControlCat PowerMiami Sound machine
  11. depends how much over 20% you are and what game you are typically playing. If you're seeing 30% in an eight-handed limit game you are definately too loose. 25% in a 6 handed NL game is probably a good number.
  12. A vp/ip of 15% is a little low. In NL you want to see slightly more flops because speculative hands can turn into monsters. You're also giving up way too much information by only playing premium hands. If you are playing 8-10 handed you want to aim for 20%. I have done very well at the 6max tables and my vp/ip is 30%.
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