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  1. Sadly indicative of how far the Big Ten is behind USC. A gift safety and an anemic USC offense weren't enough for the Buckeyes to win.
  2. I'm just glad to be done with online poker until/unless the laws in this country change.It's just too damn hard to move money around. The money hit my bank account yesterday and I was relieved.
  3. That's what they were implying, either take my money out or they'd close both accounts. It was just kinda dumb because it was 3+ years ago.I'm not unwell, I'm just a little bit crazy.
  4. Getting married in a walmart? Wow, just WOW.
  5. Hey all, sorry I've been awol for a couple weeks, I'm still irritated at the Poker WorldFull Tilt tried to close my account because I had another account 3 years ago (lame!)I finally convinced them to let me take my money out so I'm still up money, but the irritation factor remains.In school again too, gogo 2nd degree!
  6. Happy belated birthday Jersey Girl!*sorry I missed it*
  7. Checking in...grats on the tourney win Voldemort
  8. I don't play live NL but here in WI it's a 200 max buyin which i imagine is a lot more useful as far as a chipstack goes
  9. Maybe he can throw to himself too!No legit receiving corps in Chicago and I don't count Devin Hester as a legit receiver, he's just the best of a sorry bunch.
  10. Apparently Billy Mays endorsed Cocaine along with his products, because CNN is reporting it contributed to his death. Note to cocaine users: Cocaine + Heart Problems = FAIL
  11. What were the cards? And how does one manage to attract idiots on the internet? LOL
  12. I had a dream the Brewers won the WS, then I woke up
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