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  1. when I was in vegas last month I was talking to the managers at the venetian and they told me they were going to open one, but I didnt talk to anyone in new york new york
  2. I guess I will put you two in the comedy section..... or?
  3. I just completed Super Syster 2 and I was some what dissapointed with what I read, not that you can very poker literature that much, but I was simply disipointed with the authors of the particular sections of the book. not so much quality as players, they are all accomplished, but I would like to see some new ideas and concepts. So I began to think who I would like to teach me about different games. Here is my list.No limit holdem-----Phil Ivey/Gus HansenNo limit holdem tournement-----Daniel Negreanu/Gus Hansen No limit heads up-----Phil Hellmuth Jr.Omaha (any)-----Robert Williamson III any ot
  4. I have been playing in sit-and-gos on full tilt and I have gotten down to the final two the past 5 tables I have been at (with a 2 to 1 chip advantage in 3) but I have only won one and came in second the in the others. I was wondering if anyone can give me advice about heads up play, thank you.
  5. I just got back from vegas and the best place I found to play was the Wynn.
  6. thanks for the help
  7. What is the cheepest way to fly to vegas, websites, travel agents,
  8. Everyone knows that poker is not always the cards in your hand,however strictly looking at this question analytically you should not play very many hands. In fact it would be correct to say that in the long run everyone is going to get the same amount of good cards as the bad ones. This tells me that in a game you do not have the best hand very much 9 (players)-----11.1% 8 -----12.5%7-----14.2%6-----16.7%5-----20%4-----25%3-----33.3%2-----50%So if everyone played the same way all the time you would only win as the percentages indicate, that is why poker is a game of skill and not luck, and tha
  9. I was free tonight so I figured I would get into some multi-tables on Full Tilt. To start I had to wait for about half an hour so I decide to get in a 14+1 sit and go winner gets a token to a big tourney second wins 2 bucks, I win 2 bucks. So the multi-tables first one is for a token for a bigger tourney (24+2) and a winner takes 600 (20+2 PL) I end up leading both late. Top 4 get a token in the first one, 5 people left, second gets 48. a guy limps with 10 5 utg I have A 9 I move in on the bb. He calls flop 5 5 4, I win 48 bucks so I am up 24 bucks. Second tourney 10 left 9 get paid. I pick up
  10. I would not be surprised if there were patterns or some kind of risk reward formula sites program into their software to reward the raiser and get the pot larger (larger rake). I can also see a site giving people great flops then have them not hold up consistently so the pot (rake) gets larger. Overall, I could see a site doing this, but not one like party poker. I do not know what they make a year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was over 100,000,000 a year, why would they jeopardize this by programming things like this into their software?
  11. It seems as if a lot of players on this site consistently place high in online tournaments. I would like to know what some of the best strategies are for getting consistently in the money during tournaments. I also see a lot of people with 5000 plus chips (1500 starting) 20 minutes into a tournament, is this due to their style, or are these just the players who have gotten lucky early in these tournaments? Thank you for your help!
  12. Is the fountain the same one that is one Oceans 11?
  13. One of my good friends is getting married this summer and we are headed out to Vegas for the bachelor party. We will only be there for a weekend and will probably spend most of our time at the tables, but I was wondering if there are any sites that I should see on my trip or any places that I "can't miss" seeing. Thanks for the info.
  14. I want to know how 10 minutes into these people have 10k in chips or more? is that a style or luck?
  15. I was playing in a 5/10 game on Fulltilt and picked up King Jack on the BB. 4 callers so I tripple it and its 3 to the flop. it comes J 6 K rainbow. I bet the pot, which forces the next guy to act all in and the guy behind him who I had been betting out all day calls. The turn is a queen I bet the pot and he moves in for 2x more than the pot. I fold He has king blank needed runner runner. I was mad, but my question is what is the value of top and 3rd pair when someone could have a set, top two, or in that case be chasing an inside. Was I correct in the fold, He was seeing probably 60% of the f
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