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  1. Do not stay at the Hotel in the Casino, there are lots of rooms u can find within a minute drive from both casinos for under $70CDN. As for poker both casinos are full of fish, and the old one has a great 1 2 game that a decent player could easily pillage for 2 or 3 hundred a session
  2. no sorry i must agree as well, all his posts are retarded
  3. doesnt really matter because most bots have been proven to be easily beatable. I would gladly play at a table with bots
  4. hey guys, I'm sick of Party after they banned all the americans, and am thinking of switching to Stars, quick question, whats the max tables you can multi on Stars in cash games?thanks
  5. you arent a noob, look at your member number, there are already over 10 000 people signed up after you did
  6. hey guys just wonderin about some numbers involved with poker. I have a betgoing with my friend, he says theres 2000 possible starting hand combinations in holdem, i say more like 800 or so, which one of us is closer to the truth. Also another question about flushes. If i have two suited cards in my hand, what are the odds of me flopping a flush draw? and if i do flop one what are the odds of me completing it. thanks for the great help and god bless.canadian wonder fish
  7. my resolution doesnt go that high either, i just got 3 bulky 19" CRT monitors with the resolution at 1200x1600 and theres no overlap on the party skins that way
  8. yeah i do real well at limit playing between 10-20 and 15-30 and usually 4 tabling just wanting to change things up and try something crazy for a few weeks to take a break and figure that playing at party skins 25 nl even if it turns out to be a disaster wont make a huge dent in the bankroll. Was just wondering how much to put aside for this experiment.
  9. hey everyone just a quick question, as i value many of your opinions on here. I have been multitabling micro limit NL online slowly adding tables till I am comfortably 12 tabling NL. I now want to go and play on Party 25 and 50 NL tables and was wondering what you all think an appropriate number of buy ins would be to 12 table.Any input is much appreciatedPat
  10. hey anyone want to trade 50 on stars for 50 on party let me know and me can agree on somethingthanks alot
  11. hey guys was just wondering about a few odds questions1. what are the odds of getting a poker pair2. what are the average odds of wining when flopping a setthanks alot
  12. anyone know of any good pokersites that acept western union as a means of deposit?
  13. hey all have been playing exclusively at partypoker and its skins for the longest time now and was thinking about setting up an account at pokerstars for a change of scenery. anyone have a referall or first deposit bonus if such things exist on this site, first response get the referral
  14. the best line on the whole site was found in their policy tab:• We offer no refunds for any reason once the software is downloaded onto your computer. This is to protect us from consumer fraud..lol so basically you order the program get a crappy e-book and then are told sorry no refunds if it doesnt work, and this is all to protect them from us scamming them, what a jopke
  15. so i can play on all three skins at the same time then as long as im not trying to play at the same table? is this correct? and can i do this from the same computer or would i need seperate machines to do this?
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