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  1. ^^ In this scenario I guess I wouldn't be buying the HH's. They are free lol. Can maybe kill 2 birds with one stone in this case. Free hand histories + money saved = coaching = double threat profitability increase.
  2. LOL WTF? kk I gotta check this out. What limits do you play btw? Just out of curiousity
  3. I was doing well but with moving up in stakes it almost seems like im making the same amount as I was with the lower stakes. Im winning bigger pots but im losing more than I was at the small stakes since the players are better. In order to be profitable the same way I was at lower stakes I need to increase my edge.
  4. LOL!! Yeah that's what I've heard from others as well. Which is why I was leaning towards it as an alternative to coaching. What site do you use for your HH's and what limits do you play?
  5. I don't think I would ever use PTR. They charge far too much. For their prices I would much prefer coaching. I think I may just take the free months worth of hands and then use the saved money for a coach. Still gotta think about it though...
  6. What about with a continuous supply of hands though? Besides, I'm not playing fish. Who needs hand histories to win against fish? They aren't the problem.And yeah that's why i said sharkscope WAS against their rules lol.
  7. Sharkscope was against their policy too but that doesn't stop people.
  8. The unknown legitimacy of the coach plus the extravagant price is what led me to think of hand histories as a cheaper alternative.
  9. Well, 2 things. Yeah I think you're right that they don't allow datamining, but I wouldn't be the one datamining obviously I would just be using the hand histories provided by said dataminer. Furthermore, I would not be using Hold'em manager and these hands on the computer I grind on, it would be on a laptop off to the side.
  10. Like I said, I have been using the hand histories that I have accumulated but I'm finding it isn't a big enough sample size, especially given the fact that there are so many people on stars. I would like to have a LARGE sample size on at least most (or ideally all) of the people I will run into in these games rather than having to guess how they play. If this site is legit and is offering away all of december for free I could just do that and then still be able to afford coaching as well I suppose.
  11. So, I have been playing for 4 years or so and I have seen some decent earnings. However, when moving up to higher and higher stakes, my edge has gone down due to the surrounding skill levels of the players that are usually at the table. While I think that coaching should improve my game overall, it's expensive and it wont give me a specific edge against the players I play against the same way having hands on those players would.I play 6 max and 9 max 3/6 and sometimes 5/10 NL HE on stars and I have been using hold em manager to analyze the hand histories i have accumulated. This has been worki
  12. Month was going well, but lost 4k to a fish heads up in an hour at 3/6 O well, hopefully I can end this month strong.Good luck everyone.
  13. <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333
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