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  1. Has anyone requested a check from fulltilt? Is the Check from a US Bank? Does anyone have any problems cashing them?
  2. Sam is an ass. I played with him a few times in 10/20 NL at Bellagio and bitches when all the young kids keep raising. Its so funny.
  3. I will take the Ravens +3 for 50 thats the line at bodog
  4. Point spread? I might take your bet. But i only have money on tilt can I pay u on tilt and u pay me on stars? PM me
  5. I am a 2/5 player but this past few weeks i moved down to 1/2 cause the games are so juicy at borgata. I can make much more easier and faster in the 1/2 than the 2/5.
  6. no PL omaha games on the East Coast
  7. should we get inteh 12k only 100 people 54 get paid lol
  8. 27k y would u lose that all on online poker... Just dumb you should of been playing live.
  9. do they distribute prize pool according to chip counts?
  10. I just moved back to NY from Vegas but I was planning on going back and I am really interested. Where is the house? I lived on Forte Apache between spring mountain and flamingo. Do you have AIM so we can discuss?
  11. I will be at borgata playing 10-20 or 5/10 NL , I am there every weekend.
  12. Does anyone know where there are games on staten island?
  13. 10380 chips how is everyone else doing
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