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  1. We all have friends or know people who bet on damned near anything, well here is a bet that will undoubtedly get you there money. Just simply bet them that they can't eat 7 saltine crackers in one minute. Thats it. Sounds easy, right? Well give it a shot. The only stipulation, no drinking during it. You can have as many drinks as you want before hand, but not during.I've tried it, my friends have tried, I'm up 25 bucks because of it. The beauty is that it sounds like such an easy bet. But when you have those crackers in your mouth you realize it is impossible. I'd speculate maybe one
  2. I didn't get my full bonus for being a charter member nor did I get my neteller bonus. I emailed em and didn't get a reply so I decided to take my money and go somewhere else. The problem, my pin number won't work. I called the one person at live support, since no one replyed in the chat, and she couldn't help so now my small amount of money is all caught up in FCP with no way to get it out.
  3. I signed up already, I couldn't use my forum name cause it has spaces and is way to long. I just deposited money, just got the 50% and not the whole 100% for being a charter member nor did I get the 10% for using neteller. I sent an e-mail, I hope this all gets cleared up.
  4. So I just found this group that plays $5 tourneys with $5 rebuys for two hours and then no more rebuys and about 9 people on average with everyone being about the same skill level, not entirely sure since we split into two table since they didn't have very much room so it was shorthanded as well, not my strongest game. We played no limit hold em but they also mentioned they play dealer's choice and they really seemed interested in Omaha. I've never really played in a rebuy tourney before so I'm not to sure what a good strategy would be.If you guys could help me out a bit, I'd appreciate it
  5. I am stealing nothing. I didn't see your offer until I had put this lovely, eye catching banner in my sig, so I figured you stole it from me.I'll tell ya what, OP, I'll give ya 10.5% rakeback, yeah thats right.
  6. Full Tilt is a good site, good tourneys, etc... I can get ya 10% rakeback if ya click the link in my sig.
  7. El "the balarena" kang or should it be El "Lord of the Dance" Kang?
  8. Do one the free money sites. Then at least you'll have a bankroll to play the micro limits. Grind it out at Party until you can cash out and move somewhere with smaller limits. Or hell, if you're playin .02/.04 get eigth 12 times so you have 300 big bets and you should do just fine. Just hang in there, find a nice loose place to play, and hope they all call everytime you raise it up with a strong hand. You'll win more then you'll lose and thus you'll profit.
  9. Whatever. Language is determined by the users and is always evolving. I am not a great player, but in my scene that is what it is called. Please note that I did not make any absolute rule about what a set was (I said IMPLIED) and again the real points that I made have yet to be disputed.To argue with me over these small points is like complaining about "bad beats". Just pointless. And I've dealt with idiots like this in this type of PC police from my campus time in the early '90s.I may be wrong but I won't argue any further about it. I'm not a big pro or anything but even I have my limits to a
  10. Why do posters get so offended and jump down people's throats when they misuse a simple term when they themselves are rambling on about dancing?It is so funny how some posters get offended by what could easily be a simple slip of the tongue, so to speak. Or maybe the OP didn't know the difference and a simple, by the way a set is three of kind with a pocket pair, trips were the term you were lookin for.
  11. I'm not terribly well versed, but I'd have to say fire out. The small blind should have pushed all in preflop if he was gonna call your raise, since he folded on the turn to your bet, I'd have to say he had a medium pocket pair, 99-55 I'd guess since TT might stay around hoping to get lucky with runner runner straight or hitting trips although with that flop I don't think I'd do it.You didn't really mention what the villian was calling with after preflop raises. I'd say he most likely has one of three hands, KQ KJ JT. KT is possible but I doubt it, he might have put you on a weak ace since
  12. Yeah Smash, you really need to learn to control your bankroll, gawsh.
  13. Damnit, I raised. Maybe thats why I don't play the game. Do I have any advice? Not in the least, best of luck finding some though.
  14. I like Phil's analasys of roshambo championships, he thinks that I think that he thinks that I think he thinks that I think that he thinks that I think he thinks that I think that he thinks that I think he thinks that I think that he thinks that I think he thinks that I think that he thinks that I think he's gonne throw paper, so he thinks that I'm gonna throw scissor so he's gonna throw rock......
  15. Hey, I thought I'd throw it out there. I guess I'm the only one who likes the idea.
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