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  1. I only have 1 routing number on my account, my guess is whatever routing number you used when you did the Premium Bank Transfer, would be the one to use for the Standard Transfer.
  2. Regular Bank Transfer works fine for me. Takes anywhere from 1 day to 1 week to process. No extra fees associated with the regular transfer.
  3. Saw LOVE last year and had some cheaper seats, but they were still excellent - there really are no bad seats.
  4. Anyone else not seeing updated stats from RakeBackPros ? Although I did get my weekly deposit earlier this morning, the RackBackPro website has not updated this weeks stats the last few days. Although I have been with RakeBackPros for only 2 months, this is the first time I am seeing a delay in them posting updates. Just curious if this type of delay is a semi-regular occurence.
  5. Balloon guy has some good advice above. I recommend you read Harrington on cash games as it will really help to develop your cash game strategy and thinking. I play alot of 9 man ring games at the $.50 - $1.00 level all the way up to the $2.00 -$5.00 levels and I try to follow some basic principals regarding strategy:1. Pot sizing and control - keep the pot sized to the relative strength of your hand. Big hand = big pot etc, etc. An over pair to the flop does not equate to a big hand, nor does TPTK. Too many players are willing to get stacked in these situations. 2. Are you will
  6. Thanks Slink, I used the same letter you used below and tweaked it just a bit to fit my situation. 2 days later Full Tilt sends me an email saying that Rakeback pros will be contacting me shortly and 2 days later they did. I am now signed up and it took me less then a week for the entire process
  7. Just got back from Vegas and played the tournament at Aria, the new casino in City Center. The 11am tourney is a $120 buyin for $8000 in chips with 30 minute levels. We had 60 players the day I played. The poker room is pretty cool, with a $1 -$3 NL game being spread as well as a $2 -$5 NL and others. Waitresses are smoking hot and bathroom is right next to the poker room. Overall a very nice room and suggest you check it out if you get a chance.
  8. Clear case of violating the T's & C's of Full Tilt. The 3 should have their accounts frozen and banned for life from the site. Ship Isildur back his $4M and have him play against Antonius/Dwan/Others until he loses it all back again.
  9. "Poker Wisdom of a Champion" by Doyle Brunson, some interesting stories he has in this book from his early days traveling through Texas and playing.
  10. So sorry to hear about your loss, I just went through the same thing with my Mom only 2 weeks ago. I know how difficult it is to see them suffer at the end, they are both in a better place now.
  11. Looks like some great opportunities to get some excellent coaching in both MTTs and ring games. Earlier today whatgreatis offers to coach ring games and now NNB is doing the same for MTTs. What I really like is that both of these guys are being very creative in how they are going about this from a financial standpoint. Makes it affordable for just about everyone. Props to NNB andwhatgreatis
  12. ConcurAlso he should not be allowed to sit at my table at Planet Hollywood, Venetian or even allowed in the Hard Rock
  13. Warning: Long trip report by Bill Simmons of ESPN - Meant for all of us 40 year old types.My East Coast fantasy football league celebrated its 20th draft in Las Vegas last weekend, an event that doubled as a 40th birthday bash for our pal Grady. We have been buddies since high school. We shared a prom limo together. We were longtime shuffleboard partners at Sam's in Port Chester. We saw "Rocky V," "Fletch Lives" and "Another 48 Hrs" together (undoubtedly my three biggest movie disappointments). We were once nearly attacked Artest-style by Mel Hall at Yankee Stadium. We have shared every level
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