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  1. it just isnt the same without scotty roland. no one trolled like he did.
  2. i really liked this weeks episode, despite some obvious mistakes. they need to stop letting Dee do songs. she sucks at it.
  3. and the race is on. AND THE RACE IS ON. thats the sweet stuff.
  4. arent we all absurd, sal, when you think about it?arent we all. absurd.
  5. Do not read this. I repeat, do not read this. It is pointless. Not funny in the slightest. And slightly disturbing. In the year 2014 we go broke. Long story short, our first wife, THE WHORE, left us; and in our desperation we took a shot (1/2). A set of Kings murdered by a flush drawn on the river. We wandered into the night and made the single biggest mistake of our life. We ate at a Waffle House. Only it wasnt a waffle house, it was cardboard box with a single cherry pop-tart inside. But that pop-tart wasnt ours. And the hobo who lived in that box was not very happy. He took a really long ti
  6. no patience. no patience at all.
  7. he doesnt become involved until the end, but his impact will be significant.
  8. run, you asked me to let you know when that sonofabitch reynolds would be stealing our thunder, and so i will. you know that idea you've been working on, i wont describe it in detail here, for obvious reasons, but that one that involves our second grade teacher, a cornish game hen, whips, chains, yo-yo's and a midget on tricycle. well, reynolds knows about it and has his minions working on getting it out before we do. you musn't let this happen. godspeed.
  9. I found this to be very funny.
  10. So you have chosen death?Live in fear, brother. I will come for you in the night.
  11. You're just a jealous old man who cant accept that my flux capacitor was the superior design.
  12. I know for a fact that when Joey and Rod fight it out, Joey will win.
  13. RodReynolds would have gotten around to it in September of 2012.But I'm tired of him stealing our thunder.
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