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  1. It's a kollage. Look, the other "K" ideas weren't working, ok? (Must have 1,000+ posts to qualify.) Edit: loooooooooooooooooooooooool I fucked up the title. I am: the worst. 2nd Edit: I mean, ha, that's part of the joke! More calamitous! 3rd Edit: Bob to the rescue.
  2. Duke Manatee

    J Is For:

    Thanks to the Sal Paradise Stimulus Package ("SPSP"), Petrified Everglades LLC is pleased to announce the creation of several high profile jobs. We don't exactly know what the SPSP is or does, but if ShakeZuma has a new job, surely something extraordinary is upon us. The Human Resources department of Petrified Everglades LLC is taking the lead to spearhead its growth. That is why the following positions are currently being offered, but act fast as our in-house recruiter, runthemover, is already working around the clock (except between 8 a.m and 5 p.m. and while he's sleeping) to fill the f
  3. Duke Manatee

    I Is For:

    Tactical_Bear: Alright everyone, find your seats; we're about to get: started. ranthemover: We already started and finished. I gave her my heart and she gave me a cheeseburger. gyaygi: I can has cheezburger? Tactical_Bear: Guys, guys, let's try to stay focused on: why we're here. Thank you and welcome to the FCP chapter of Anonymous Anonymous. Tonight's lesson is: Imitation: Not Always the Sincerest Form of Flattery. It looks like we have some new people here; thank you for joining us. I'll get us started. Hello, my name is NOT Tactical Bear. Everyone: Hello N
  4. Duke Manatee

    H Is For:

    Everyone please sign my yearbook.
  5. Duke Manatee

    G Is For:

    The name of the game is Off Topic-opoly. Instead of buying properties, you start threads. Instead of earning money, you get posts. The player with the most posts at the end of the game wins! Just like the way things are here, I think. Go: Log On Mediterranean Avenue: Epassporte Community Chest: New Topic Baltic Avenue: Particles In The Universe Income Tax: Administrator lurking Reading Railroad: Sports - Hockey forum Oriental Avenue: The Song Title Game Chance: Add Reply Vermont Avenue: movie quote game Connecticut Avenue: add a word game Jail: Suspended St.
  6. Duke Manatee

    F Is For:

    There are 26 letters in the alphabet.
  7. Duke Manatee

    D Is For:

    Playing the roles of: Frank Costello: beans-n-icewater Billy Costigan: JoeyJoJo Frenchy, Frank's number 1: Ron Mexico Fitzy, top soldier: speedz99 Delahunt, soldier: Sal Paradise Oliver Queenan: FCP Bob Colin Sullivan: dna4ever Dignam: Governator Ellerby: steve7stud <---------------------------------------------------------------> beans-n-icewater: I don't want to be a product of this forum. I want this forum to be a product of me. Years ago, we had general poker. That was only a way of saying we had
  8. Duke Manatee

    B Is For:

    I had such a great date last night and amazingly it was a blind date. I just had the worst date of my life. Ever. I wasn't expecting much because anybody who needs to be set up by their friends can't be that attractive. I haven't had a date in a while either, but that's not because I can't meet women, I just haven't had time, you know? My good friend Jack works with some hot chick and he said she has a friend I should go out with. So I figure, hey, why not? It's really disappointing as well because my friend Jade set me up with the guy, and she always dates these ridiculously de
  9. Duke Manatee

    A Is For:

    The office was silent except for the occasional splash echoing at the bottom of a bottle of whiskey. The echo was getting a little too loud for my liking; I don't like loud noises. Unless it's coming from my Colt .45. My name is Ace Spade. I'm a private eye. I wasn't working a case tonight, but I was in no mood to leave. See I know this dame, pretty thing, blonde hair, blue eyes, but like all dames, she talks a lot. Like I said, I don't like loud noises. The ringing phone only confirms this. I consider picking it up, maybe somebody needs my services. I could use the money and t
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