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  1. Parodies of this video get dumber and dumber each time they are made.
  2. This. Putting money onto another site right now is not a good idea.
  3. What happened to Jariso13? <-comeback postIn the process of tracking down boners_galore.
  4. Translate during the hand next time
  5. gladly the ol guy on guy flipped over butt eating 69
  6. Either....#1 He only has a little boner so it isnt big enough to make it over the head.#2 that interestingly placed muffin is stuck on the boner kind of like a muffin boner shiskabob.
  7. I watched the first one and it maybe the worst acting ive ever seen. It would probably be more fun to watch 6 minutes of his normal life than 6 scripted minutes of total bs.
  8. Maybe that freak david slansky got to him.
  9. No...that was never getting old. Just getting better.
  10. This looks like stupid jibber jabber so eat my butt.
  11. Exactly what he said...for more info go read a few pages of NL Theory and Practice by that creep David Slansky.
  12. Why is this homo thinking about peoples dicks?
  13. My streak of being on fire ended. Losing sessions do exist I guess .
  14. The turn bets fine if you think he called the flop with air. 3 betting to defend you blind is something that you have to do. If the guys doing it every orbit then he is obv doing it light. Therefore there is a lot of value in 3 betting occassionally.
  15. Dont worry I here. One day the memory of 4bb will die off.
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