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  1. you can also order a Big Mac, but it is Le Big Mac
  2. I do what I can, and boredom IS a terrible thing
  3. Benyamine, Ivey, Patrik, Gus, and Ziigmund
  4. no need to raise hand, just say who it is!
  5. I couldn't believe it took that long for a smart ass response. What is happening around here?
  6. didn't know your hands looked so good
  7. One of my favorite shows on the Golf Channel
  8. Have you played it when a birdie flips the other teams score?ex:Team A=45 (with a birdie)Team B=48, but the birdie by Team A makes it 84.Can get expensive quick if teams are not fair/ or players just suck
  9. speaking of the FBR, I worked the range at the TPC on Tuesday from 6 am to 7 pm. Was at the far end, by number 8, and I got some great views of the players swings, how the practice, and the ladies watching. Watched Sean O'Hare (sp?) lip out several pitches from 50 and 70 yards, bs'd with Jaime Diaz (golf writer) who is doing a story on Vijay. BTW, what the f'ck is going on with his swing... His caddie let me swing the lead pole Vijay warms ups with. He has to be a lumberjack or something to swing that thing with ease.Camilo is cool as shit, Rocco Mediate is funny as hell and his woman is
  10. Did you photo shop yourself in these pics?BTW, was playing Lone Tree (Phoenix boys should know it) today, 2-3 club wind. Made the turn -1. Was cruising along and decided to throw a double in there for gits and shiggles. A few holes later, made another double from 140 out, add a bogey, and BAM 35-40=75 (and some beer to drown my sorrow)
  11. thanks. finished 6th for $464.00. Next step is for me to remember how to keep aces from getting cracked and finishing in the money in Both DD's. Thanks for the rail fellas! FCP definately represents when one of its own has FT'd
  12. Sorry, just saw this thread. Placed 100th for 40somethingEDIT: got into this on a $4.40 ticket
  13. thanks for the rail guys, just didn't have enough chips to wait the deck out8th for $296
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