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  1. edit, **** mefinally realized why everyone says i cant post pollsi r retardyoda youre still a huge dbag
  2. truth be told, this is the reason this forum sucks
  3. winchesthairrrrrrrrrrr
  4. http://www.4betbluff.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=280
  5. im of the belief that many people are currently misclicking no, in place of a yes vote..ban op mods
  6. I nominate whatgreatis for this months featured memberWith his immense knowledge of without limit strategy and intense, dare I say burning desire to become FCP Featured Member of the Month, He is a fantastic candidate.Whos with me??-a
  7. Fwiw, Ive heard that most gay men understand women pretty well
  8. the fact that no one saw that this is a level is why FCP NL strat is deadnicelife
  9. I heard a rumor that in order to respond to an IM or text msg, you have to receive one...j/s
  10. i refuse to engage in the poppycock that is this thread
  11. fold preflop, otherwise id make it 2.25 and fold to a shove
  12. internet=serious businesslighten up folksi know this is hypocritical
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