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  1. I've just been doing the school/working thing. And since I play so little poker these days, I don't trust myself to post about much. But I'm still reading the forums, and one of these days I'll put some effort into playing.
  2. I'll be helpful because I'm bored. And helpful.Full Tilt PokerPot Limit Omaha Ring gameBlinds: $3/$65 playersConverterStack sizes:UTG: $643CaneBrain: $177.30Button: $135SB: $352.60BB: $238.05Pre-flop: (5 players) CaneBrain is CO with [Omitted so you can guess]UTG calls $6 (pot was $9), CaneBrain (poster) checks, Button raises to $36, 3 folds, CaneBrain calls.Flop: [3h] [4h] [4s] ($87, 2 players)CaneBrain checks, Button bets $90 (and is left with $9), CaneBrain raises all-in $138.3, Button folds.Uncalled bets: $48.3 returned to CaneBrain. Final pot: $267
  3. I'm surprised I'm responding to this and feel bad for helping take this thread further off course, but...Boy Meets World?
  4. Am I the only person here who's seen Shark Attack 3? I'm going to assume I am since nobody has mentioned it. There's really no question that it's the worst movie ever.Also Waterworld. Terrible.
  5. You bring up a valid point. And now that it's mentioned, I probably should've kept posting despite not playing much in an effort to keep my game sharp. Ah well, live and learn. Hopefully I'll have more time for posting now, though.
  6. I'm just one of those guys who got caught up in the glamorous, high profile world of low limit sit 'n go's. I just got too wrapped up in that scene, spent a few months living in Cory Feldman's basement, got addicted to coke, went to rehab...same old story.In other words, just took some time off from any significant playing time, but now I'm hoping to get back into the game.
  7. I say limping there is good. If you've got one limper that's as bad as these three limpers, then you're good to raise, more for isolation. Like Actuary said, though, here it's good to play for implied odds.
  8. It's been a long time since I've posted, much less played limit hold 'em, but I'm gonna try and get back into the swing of both of those things, and I'm going to start here. In other words, take this with a lot of grains of salt.With that much action preflop, I don't think there's any way we can possibly fold here getting 7:1 or whatever it was to call two more. Sure it's likely someone has JJ-AA, but if that person can't get away from said JJ-AA if we flop a ten, we're golden. And as far as I'm concerned, at that point we're playing mostly for set value/implied odds anyway.Beyond that comm
  9. Nice work! You were the one to beat for so much of the final table. Way to take control!
  10. I think Scott Huff is quite a good host. He knows enough about poker to ask fairly decent questions, but knows he doesn't know enough to try to give expert analysis. He's also been covering the tournament trail for long enough that he knows most of the players (or more importantly, they know him) so they answer honestly and without altering their personalities.And frankly, I appreciate him as a host all the more after listening to Joe Average Poker (not to be hypercritical of a free product/service or anything...)Also, ditto on the Haralabos Voulgaris episode. I missed that one when it was
  11. Try giving yourself a routine for each action. If you make it really scripted as far as what you do physically when it's your turn to act, every move should start feel connected to every other move, if that makse sense.
  12. Technically thepiratebay got pwned by the Swedish government, which subsequently got re-pwned by thepiratebay. If you're looking for a good read, check out the "legal" link at the bottom of thepiratebay's main site.
  13. Did anyone else get the impression that Bashir tried to paint Calvin Ayre as an internet age Pablo Escobar?
  14. It's much lamer if you have Pomp and Circumstance going through your head when you read it. :DStill valid, though, don't get me wrong.
  15. In case you haven't found the sites for GameTime+/PokerAce, they are:http://www.pokerdominion.com (GameTime+)http://www.pokeracesoftware.com (PokerAceHUD)Sorry if that's too redundant.
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