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  1. I think this is key, but for a different reason. If I'm sitting there with three fours or 9s full I will just call the sb to trap both the PFR and the sb for more money. I really think that UTG is super strong here.
  2. I don't think its a weak fold. It looks like the sb has a flush draw and the other villian has trips or a boat. With a board like that its hard to think of a hand that he could have that you beat. It looks like he flat calls the sb to see what you do, and you pretty much confirmed that you had an overpair. Once you represented the overpair then he wakes up with a big raise. It really looks like he has a boat and he's hoping you won't lay down your overpair. I think you gotta fold here.
  3. You silly math people. Looking at it that way, I think I agree that pushing is better than folding. Thanks for that Zach.
  4. Very interesting hand. My first reaction was to ship it in there but after thinking it through some more I'm not so sure. On my more conservative days I might just dump it if i really thought my opponent knew what he was doing. His play is so strange, it only makes sense for a move, either a really weird bluff, or a really strong made hand, more than one pair or a huge draw. If its a strong hand, the only real strong hands we want him to turn over are two pair. We don't have much fold equity against his likely hands that we're beating, the big draws, so if he has those we're just gambling
  5. I agree with this also. This is where he would have told you what he had instead of you having to guess on the river. If he had a monster you could have expected a check raise, in which case you could have folded. If he had a hand you beat he would probably call or fold. But be aggressive with these hands, keep the betting lead, and make your opponents make the decisions instead of the opposite.
  6. Its hard to tell for sure. Its probably a safe laydown, although I might pay it off just to see what he had. It could have been AA or KK played badly. It could have been QQ (played badly). It could have been him floating with AK, maybe even AcKc. It also looks a little like JJ or maybe 1010 (played badly). The more I think about it, the more I think I would call, even though I wouldn't make this call against a solid player. The reason is that his play is so weird I would pay for the information. If he has a hand we beat then good, if he has a hand we don't beat then you're reinforcing
  7. I'm pretty sure I played this right, but I just want to see what you guys think because I keep getting thrown into these situations where I have a marginal hand and someone with a short stack gives me a lot of pressure. Since the casino I normally play at has only a short buy in max I need to make sure I'm playing these situations correctly. So in this hand, villian is relatively new to the table, there for less than an hour. In that time we've tangled in a number of pots, all of which I won, none of which got to show down, although I did show him one hand where I repopped him on the flop
  8. Haven't read the responses yet, but I'm sure others will have said you've got to reraise before the flop. Since 6max is so aggro people don't give you as much credit for a big hand when you 3 bet, so when you have a big hand like AA or KK you have to punish them hard. Plus, by just calling you're out of position for the rest of the hand. Everytime you flat call with KK OOP a puppy gets drowned. I hope you're happy.
  9. I agree with the others. Bet more on the flop. Even though you still have ace high you effectively hit a decent flop for your hand. Bet it like you mean it. If you bet small like you did you don't really define your hand and the villians' hands. You don't know if UTG is there with 88 or QsJs. As played, on the turn, move in. You might move UTG off a better hand, which obviously increases your equity significantly. Just move in, spike a spade and call it good.
  10. I'll take the under. I say it was the backdoor two pair draw.
  11. I'll be there with my wife June 14 - 18 for my brother's wedding, although we'll have a couple of days off. And then again June 1 - 5, where we'll be more free. Not playing any events but I'll be lurking in the cash games.
  12. From the OP description of villian, is it outside the realm of possibility that he has some weird two pair hand, like Q-4 then he's now value betting? Would he call the turn with that type of hand? If he's willing to call an allin with J-3s I'm not sure we can rule this out, which adds more weight to the "call" arguement.
  13. I would probably raise the flop because you have 6 people in the hand. Someone is likely to have something that they want to see the turn with, especially at the 1/2 level. If they don't have something you weren't likely to get paid big anyways. My thinking when I flop a set isn't "how can I get an extra bet or two out of a weak hand", but "how can I can all of someone's money who has a second best hand". If no one wants to play with me, oh well, move on to the next hand. On the turn I would push. If he stuck around with a-3 or 6-3 you still have 10 outs to improve. Even if you don't im
  14. I agree. I'm glad you said it because I thought I was taking crazy pills or something.
  15. Ok, so lead the flop is the general concensus. If I lead the flop and CO just calls, do I continue to lead assuming I'm ahead? If they raise my flop bet is it an auto muck?
  16. Sorry. Didn't see that. I guess you have to be smarter than the converter...
  17. Full Tilt PokerNo Limit Holdem Ring gameBlinds: $0.10/$0.258 playersConverterPre-flop: (8 players) Hero is MP1 with :D UTG folds, UTG+1 raises to $0.5, Hero raises to $2, MP2 folds, CO calls, 3 folds, UTG+1 calls.Flop: ($6.35, 3 players)UTG+1 checks, Hero checks, CO bets $0.25, UTG+1 calls, Hero raises to $5.25, CO raises all-in $21.25, UTG+1 folds, Hero folds.Uncalled bets: $16 returned to CO.Results:Final pot: $17.1Converter didn't include stacks for some reason and I can't remember them exactly. But here's my best guess:UTG +1 ~10CO ~20Hero coversNo real solid reads. UTG +1 had just jo
  18. Exactly, without a read there's no way you can make this call. But sometimes you make them. NH
  19. Its really hard to give specific advice without specific hands/situations to point out leaks. I can make a couple of generalizations though. First off, tournament strategy, as you've found, obviously is not a good way to play cash games. In general tournament players don't do well in cash games (see Phil Helmuth). That being said, it doesn't mean you have to play TAG to be successful, although at the lower stakes it is probably the best move. You can be successful by playing LAG-gy at the lower stakes. The key is to remember that in cash games you're not in a rush to win pots and accumul
  20. As you pointed out this is player/read dependent. Bascially in any decision in hold em you have to consider a number of factors:1. Your read on the opponent. Are they loose or tight? Are they passive or aggressive? These are general terms but you should turn them into specifics for opponents. Sometimes opponents will be aggressive in protecting one pair hands but passive in playing draws. Sometimes the opposite. You have to know your opponents and their tendencies in certain situations. Obviously against a loose and aggressive opponent you're more likely to play your TPTK but against
  21. No you're not the only one. I don't mind the raise myself, but its not the preflop action that is the problem. Its the postflop action. Passive players are generally easy to outplay because they will usually tell you when you are beat. This passive player was screaming that he had the best hand, the hero just wasn't listening.
  22. As an aside, I would have raised a little more preflop. After two limpers, only raising 3x the BB makes it two juicy for them to fold any hand they limped with, therefore making it harder to define their hands. Anyways, I would move it in here. You have to protect your hand against his most likely hand, a draw.
  23. Still, I think its a fold. A TAG may be bluffing, but if he's solid he's not putting it in with AJ here. Best case for you would be that he has a big draw. If you check raise and he pushes then you're either way behind or barely ahead IMO.
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