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  1. This is how my day is going. sickening. :Full Tilt Poker Game #3470672622: Table babayaro - $3/$6 - No Limit Hold'em - 16:26:40 ET - 2007/09/05Seat 1: FristSux ($1,934.45)Seat 2: giorgio54 ($1,459.80)Seat 4: BikStik8585 ($883.60)Seat 5: cudd517 ($618)Seat 6: LOGICBit ($267)LOGICBit has 5 seconds left to actLOGICBit posts the small blind of $3FristSux posts the big blind of $6The button is in seat #5*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to cudd517 [Ac Qs]giorgio54 has 15 seconds left to actgiorgio54 calls $6BikStik8585 raises to $27cudd517 has 15 seconds left to actcudd517 raises to $77LOGICBit foldsFristSux
  2. I was very close to smashing monitor. Yesterday was a very sick, swingy day. Still ended up a decent amount somehow.
  3. Didn't even know he played at tilt. What's his tilt name and what tourney was it?
  4. First I had the boomNow they come gives me the doomFour K in ten min.(I will never slowplay AA p-flop again, ever)FullTiltPoker Game #3423449924: Table Larson (6 max) - $10/$20 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:44:40 ET - 2007/08/31Seat 1: DrunkPPlaya ($2,004)Seat 2: Keystone_Co ($2,107)Seat 3: UR Chips ($1,368.50)Seat 4: cudd517 ($1,990)Seat 5: tehdrunky ($2,651)Seat 6: Mr Braski ($3,641)Mr Braski posts the small blind of $10DrunkPPlaya posts the big blind of $20The button is in seat #5*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to cudd517 [Ac Ah]Keystone_Co foldsUR Chips raises to $70cudd517 calls $70tehdrunky foldsMr Br
  5. Biggg burnnn. Also, making money is the reason most regular solid players play. I love the game and all but honestly I wouldn't be playing as much as I do if it was all for play money, and I'd rather sit at a table of donks then regs. Screw "challenging" myself.Speaking of money....biggest pot of the month: Shipppp. (other guy in this hand folded 55 lolol)FullTiltPoker Game #3420601290: Table Butternut (6 max) - $10/$20 - No Limit Hold'em - 16:23:34 ET - 2007/08/31Seat 1: cudd517 ($2,869)Seat 2: life-on-mars ($2,115.50)Seat 3: DaEvils ($2,788)Seat 4: dwballz ($2,864)Seat 5: tehdrunky ($2,017)S
  6. I tried playing you once but you sat out cause you we're waiting for some fish to come back or something. You'd probably smoke me, my HU game is so rusty/weak right now. I've only played like 4 or 5 heads up sessions all month.
  7. LonggggCliff notes: We need to give incorrect odds to people chasing or our play is bad.AMIRITE?
  8. We're never folding this hand by river yet we're giving opponents correct odds to chase by not even betting, thus bad for our expected value?
  9. If we reraise its a 4 bet not a 3 bet. Very read dependent and can go both ways.
  10. We just can't slowplay boards like this against not just one but two villains who have massive ranges. Its -EV.
  11. There are way better spots then this. Dont let donkeys get in your head.
  12. Not going for CRAI unless I'm positive villains will semi bluff their draws in a 3 way raised pot when checked to. A lot of people will check to take a free card with a straight or flush draw when the pot is multiway. Just bet it out. Bet like 2/3 or half pot to induce a shove. If either has a hand like a gutshot they probably won't bet it out so your basically giving them free cards to pull ahead of you since they're not going to invest any money unless they hit anyways.
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