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  1. I would bet more on turn because you are very likely ahead.If he's agressive I can see an argument for a turn ch/r.River depending on opponent style (calls a lot, passive or tricky, bluffs missed draws) you could bet/fold or ch/c a reasonable bet. I would never fold but for a large overbet.
  2. From what you say about villain, I like a ch/r. If he's got nothing you get one more bet from him.If he's prone to raising a weak or not so weak flop lead, you could try the lead flop, ch/r turn line.Do you ever ch/r w/ air ? Do you ever bluff ? How would you play a draw or top pair ? All those factors matter. How does villain see you as a player ?
  3. easy call here, you might want to byu in for the max or you won't have the impied odds to call raises for set valuethere's only 3 to a str8 and since you're short stacked villain just puts you all in
  4. well, dependig on how he views you, his value betting river range in this hand, this could go either way 140 or shove I'd say
  5. PF I would fold AQo OOP without a readflop I would check to him, maybe ch/call in the event he will bet QQ/KK, never ch/ras played you pretty much committed yourself and have to call I guess since you have the flush draw which might be good. But as played he has AK/AJ/JJ/AA I think
  6. I' m with Verdimme,if he's TAG, he called with a small to medium pocket pair, high cards or some suited connectors in position if you're lag.When he raises, he either has TT, a set if he's conservative.If he's aggro post flop and you cbet 100 % he could have top pair or a gutshot with 44 or 66.Depending on his post flop agression I either fold now or call and check fold turn, thinking that he wouldn't fire again with a hand that I beat (top pair, PP+gutshot)
  7. +1once you decide to slowplay PF, there's no turning back unless an A hits for 50 bbif you have a full stack I would recommend to always 3 bet this even if you're the nittiest nit at the table, KK plays better in a reraised pot in my opinionIn this case if you falt call PF I would raise flop to 20 and probably (that means against a typical player) fold to the push unless you feel AQ is a big part of his range, b/c this is pretty much as bas as it gets flopwise against a lag
  8. He's got 25 left and the pot is 50ish, I think you should put him all in now in case the river bricks cause your equity in this pot is still quite big now. Of course you should check behind but yo will be in a tough spot if the river bricks and he bets ( well not so tough since you'll have to flod but your hand is still quite strong I think given the pot odds)
  9. well I wouldn't fold Ak for 16 bb against a short stack for sure. Question is : do we isolate raise ????Depending on your read of the initial PFRaiser iwould reraise or just call
  10. Well, I'd say you're behind most of the time, but against an unknown at 0.25/0.5 and with so much money into the pot I wouldn't swear that I am behind more than 1 time in 4 so I'd call and curse him when he turns over QhJh or 99....
  11. exactly, you played the hand fine but your bet sizes should have been larger on flop and on turn, when he puts you all in on turn you should fold
  12. well I check he checks. River is 9s, pot still 30ish, i bet 15 he moves in for 22 more.Esay call or what do I beat now this is a value raise he's got a FH....?
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