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  1. Tell him to go pro. 100K a year is pretty good living.
  2. You have to have your highest denomination chips in plain view. I rule that he doesn't have to pay the full amount. Was his hand off the table? Because if he was holding his chips in his hand off of the table, then they aren't in play.
  3. The small raise is perfect for the guy with 99. It tells him that he is beat and that if a 9 doesn't hit the flop, he's folding. If a 9 hits, he is stacking the guy. A flat call with AA could have potentially saved the other guy a lot of money.
  4. Yea, that was a little shady. I'd keep an eye on him when it involves money.
  5. Ontario is 19 to gamble in. You don't have to wait until you are 21. If you really live in Atlanta, don't waste your time driving to Canada to play cards though.
  6. I thought their was just a $300 seat fee. To my calculations (6200 x $300) = $1.86 million. Are my numbers wrong?
  7. So wait a minute...you are mad about this? He raises 21% of his stack and you make a donkey shove with QT. 400+800+2100+10,000 = 13,300. He is getting about 1.7-1 to call with the better hand. Hmmmmm. You made the bad play. A semi-short stack raises big and you make a play with Queen high. I don't care what you have been showing down, a desperate player will call all-in. Don't get mad. You reraised knowing he was capable of going all-in. If you felt Q-T was good, then the play was a good one.
  8. He was giving some info away with his tells though. After I reraised him the 5th time, he went into the tank and thought for about 20 seconds and had a puzzled look on his face. I was about 95% sure he had AAxx. Then he said something like, "I might get counterfeited." That's when I started thinking. It turns out none of this mattered because the river was a Jack, pairing the board. He bet and I called. He flipped over AA4x. I don't remember his fourth card, but it didn't matter at all. It turns out my play was actually good, because he a bad low draw and a vulnerable high hand to min
  9. Well see I knew that the low was mine no matter what the river was. After like the 5th raise I thought I was quartered for sure. But then I picked up a straight and flush draw. 8 diamonds plus 3 3's, 3 4's, 3 5's, and 3 8's to take the high. (Barring he didn't have a higher flush draw.) That's 20 outs to take the high. If my math is right, that's 40%. Why wouldn't I jam up the nut low and 40% chance to take the high?
  10. 3/6 O8 Full Kill at the casino. 1 guy at the table actually understands the game and knows when and what to raise with. The other players are old donkeys who love to chase. Dealt to me: 2c3d4d5d. I'm on the button and raise it to 6. Everyone folds except the 1 player who knows how to play in MP.Pot: 2.6 big bets.Flop: Ah6dJcHe bets, Icall.Pot: 3.6 big betsTURN: 7dHe checks, I bet, he raises, I raise, He raises, I raise, He raises....now what?
  11. I don't think the shove was THAT bad. The Ace of hearts is probably calling 90% of the time. But, that only matters on the shove if he knew that the other guy had the Ace of hearts. I give the smaller straight flush guy a little credit to his play. The SB would certainly raise to $7 with the Ace of hearts.
  12. Well when you are addicted to caffeine it's hard to quit.
  13. What I am doing now is quite simple. Take your weight and multiply it by 10. I am 227, so 2270. That is the max amount of calories I can have in order to not GAIN any weight. If I consume under that amount I am losing weight. But here is the big trick - exercise. Go on the web and look at different exercises and how many calories they burn for a certain time. I know swimming, running, and biking are probably the best. Swimming you can easily burn 800 calories per hour. If you run, you can burn almost 200 calories per mile depending on your weight and how in shape you are. Biking is g
  14. Very interesting. Turns out I was beating neither players and I folded. Yes - folded. The all in made it seem too easy to call it. I didn't like the feeling I got in my gut. Now the hands. The small blind had Q8. The CO had QQ. And to the people who say raise more preflop and on the flop...why? Those two players were drawing. One was drawing to the case queen and the other two 8's. They put their money in bad and got lucky. I made the right plays the entire hand and ended up losing money. I am not complaining. I was attempting to extract maximum value from them and the deck helpe
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