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  1. i would have reraised the flop i think. is anybody with me on that? his raise seems like a real week raise trying to control the pot. am i wrong? if you are oop, then a reraise might not be so coool
  2. agree. and the bengals suck. the steelers ended their season two years in a row in cinci. i mean thats just sick. fold 33 preflop
  3. thats a really good point but he has still shown a propensity to do crazy stuff and the pot is offering you 2to1 so i call
  4. yea i agree. that was the guys first hand, so i had no info. and yea i probably should have raised the flop. i was in a tourny state of mind and the board looked so innocent and i was thinking only about the straddle. anyways, good advice all around. anyways, i just called the turn, check called the offsuit K on the river and he had 3-6o. should have raised the flop!
  5. weird spot but i think you go all in. then he calls with 77 and 9 on the turn. then a 9 on the river and everyone gets their money back
  6. i dont think faneca leaving is gonna be that big of a deal. were have to chose between him and polamalu for a big contract. im more worried about ben. huge year for him. we'll see what hes made of. p.s. really glad i found the steelers thread
  7. i dont think its true that it will probably get raised. its not exactly easy for someone to just but in 300-400 on a bluff just because they smell a little weakness. especially at the end of the night. it would take a really goos player to even sniff out that weakness, it is a huge jump from smelling weakness to acting on it by putting in your whole stack (which is what i think it would take if i remember the hand correctly)
  8. if hes been that crazy i would call. i mean he could have A-8, 6-7. he could even have like 7-8 if hes that crazy. also if you keep beating him with A high then hes jonesin to beat you in a pot. i cant really explain it that well but i think you should call here imo considering potodds are 2 to 1.
  9. so if hes aggresive enough to raise all in on a bluff if you bet into him hes certainly aggresive enough to make a pot-size bet on the river when you check to him. hes definately bluffing at least a third of the time and the pots offering you 2 to 1
  10. you probably should have bet on the river. checking opens the door for a bluff and you have no info. like he easily could be bluffing but he easily could have a flush you just dont know. if you bet the river and he raises, theres a lot less of a chance hes bluffing so you get an opportunity to find out more info and name your price. i like a bet of 120-150
  11. i misread the hand. i thought you were the raiser preflop. smooth calling puts you in a sticckty situation. i would have reraised the first raise. but maybe this dudes putting in a squeeze with 92!!
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