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  1. I agree with hijacked. I think this is a good spot for pot control. Your flop check is good, exactly what I would have done. His turn bet could mean he's putting you on nothing. Either wway your hand is too big to fold and not big enough to raise. Calling and re evaluating on the river is really teh only acceptable play.Also, check out my new blog.
  2. Any hand that he limp/calls pre is beating you on this river. KJ, Q 10, 10 8. Even QJ or J 10 he probably wont call that river bet, figuring you have AK. I like a c/c a lot more than a shove, though you might be giving up a little value. The bet isnt horrible, I really think this one could go either way since the pot is bigger than the villain's stack.PS check out my new blog below.
  3. Both hands pretty standard.Don't post results.
  4. he bet the exact same amount on the flop as he made it preflop, usually either extreme strength or extreme weakness. This time, I thoguht it was weakness. If he had top pair, I think he would have bet more like 45 or 50k on the flop.
  5. most pathetic attempt at trying to look strong i have ever seen. I really should have jsut pushed on the turn. Oh well, thanks all for the support
  6. FT of $20 rebuysouthrnctowl on stars3/9Come cheer me on!!
  7. Shove AINEC. In low stakes donkametns, your going to see K 8 and A 3 and maybe even worse. There is literally no way you're behind here
  8. PS I have no chat btw.only_bluntz will be speaking on my behalf
  9. FT of $11 6 max.Currently 4/6.Southrnctowl on stars, come cheer me on!!
  10. I currently play for a living, I'm 20 years old and don't have any.I was excited to see this topic actually.
  11. Anyone watching poker after dark?Who is this ken light guy?Did he win a contest or something?
  12. The bet on the river is so small you pretty much have to call.
  13. Call instantly.TPTK is not a folding hand in a low stakes tournament on a very dry board. You're usually going to be up against weaker kings or a FD.
  14. In these 180s, you never really have a stack deep enough to be flat calling raises. 23 BBs, onthe FT bubble especially, AJ sooted is way ahead of the CO's range. I like a reraise all in preflop.
  15. in the $3 rebuy, he's not folding a pair of 8s, let alone A2 IMO. Just shove in case someone has 9 10, which wouldnt surprise me.
  16. This is the 20k were talking about, clearly this guy has no clue and is overshoving some marginal hand. AA he prolly would have minraised.
  17. This moron shoves 100 BBs and were folding JJ and TT?AQ is borderline, and idk about pairs, im calling like 99+ for sure, maybe even 77+, and if i have 15 or less BBs i prolly call any pair.
  18. 1 per 7 1/2 times.Remember not to go too crazy with this idea, and if you play on stars, I would only suggest using this strategy in the first 2 levels. After that, you're not really deep enough to be playing 66 UTG in an 8 handed game with a 1500 stack and 25-50 blinds.
  19. I lost the HH but heres how it went. Relevant stack sizes, Me, $5000 to start, villain $18,000.A few limpers, I limp in MP with Kc10c. Flop Kh 9s 3s. Pot $150checks to me I bet $80. folds to last guy who call.Turn Kh 9s 3s 10d. Pot is $310he checks again, i bet $200 he calls.River Kh 9s 3s 10d 9h. Pot is $710Villain leads out for $5,000Hero?
  20. thanks guys, im just glad i outlasted bennet. Guarantee you he is a college freshman with no friends who thinks he is cool cuz he won a $4 180 once. Anyways, until next time...
  21. Will someone please tell this bennett guy that he is a $4 180 player and I was top 100 on the TLB for november. And have a lot of money in winnings. Introduce him to officialpokerrankings.com
  22. Two simultaneous final tables!!Southrnctowl on stars.Come cheer me on!1/9 and 1/4Sorry it's chatrevokaments for me
  23. First of all, it's basically a push, but its not, which I think can be interpreted as strength, so I don't think you're ahead of him. Second of all, the "moron" may limp call with a wide range but reraising an UTG raiser, I think you have to begrudgingly give him credit.Third of all, 9 BBs is not really a shortstack in a turbo. Pushing is better than calling, I know we all know that, but its important to remember and apply in turbos all the time.
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