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  1. I need to print this out and repeat it like a mantra....Thank you, this is a big leak of mine, because I have been known to stack off a ton of chips before in a manner like this....I'm not familiar to you because I haven't been around in at least one year, maybe two..... and I didn't post too awful much before.... thank you for responding though.
  2. Really? Because I see this as how somebody plays AK big time....Pot sized bet to get rid of whatever else other junk I may be calling with (because lets face it, I'm on the button, I have plenty of room to play flops if I want with this guy....) Also, he has the gutshot outs with AK or AQ... he can buy the pot with a pot sized bet if I have sooooted connectors such as 9T, TJ, or if I'm calling with other hands as well.....I also agree that the results are skewed because I posted the results, but come on... if you guys think a pot sized bet = big pocket pair then you must fold to pot sized be
  3. I haven't posted here in forever, but hope that some of the players that used to be here still browse this forum...... I think I screwed this hand up 15 different ways, please help:Villian in this hand is chipleader... I am 3rd or 4th in chips with 23 left. This is one of the daily doubles on FTP... so about 1000 players thereabouts.....He has shown down a 3-bet with KT preflop in a SB VS BB situation, in a situation where he didn't need to put so many chips in the pot....He called a very big all in not too long before that with AQ in MP for about 2/3 of his stack. Luckily, the donk he was u
  4. Ya, but you're going to get it in anyway right? I mean, if he's got nothing but still calls, then this is the guy you want to bet into you on the turn, and if he has something, a bigger bet (pot? 2/3 pot?) probably isn't going to chase him away and you're still going to have to make the crying call if whatever hits.To me this seems like a better play than "not offering him the correct odds to continue". With the stack size in this example (which is very typical), I think that checking the turn usually signifies you're giving up ESPECIALLY after a SMALL flop bet. Just my opinion.
  5. Just giving the hand below as an example hand, which (to me, anyway) seems pretty typical situation for when you get your set, and you're looking to see what you can get for value. We're heads up on the flop, but there are two spades and lots of straight possibilities.This is from a 9.90/360Poker StarsNo Limit Holdem TournamentBlinds: t150/t300(Ante: t25)9 playersConverterStack sizes:UTG: t3423Hero: t4825MP1: t9169MP2: t6548MP3: t10095CO: t2911Button: t4105SB: t8258BB: t2940Pre-flop: (9 players) Hero is UTG+1 with Q Q UTG folds, Hero raises to t800, MP1 folds, MP2 calls t800 (pot was t1475
  6. $2 Tournament .... Just got moved to this table this orbit, have tried to see a couple flops so far with mid pairs.Poker StarsNo Limit Holdem TournamentBlinds: t100/t2009 playersConverterStack sizes:UTG: t7780UTG+1: t4730MP1: t9670MP2: t5590MP3: t1665CO: t13980Hero: t8923SB: t3665BB: t5170Pre-flop: (9 players) Hero is Button with 6 4 2 folds, MP1 raises to t400, 3 folds, Hero calls t400 (pot was t700), 2 folds.Flop: J 5 7 (t1100, 2 players)MP1 bets t1600, Hero ....How far do you take this OESD + Flush Draw?Get it in now while it's 50/50? See the turn? Villian is overbetting here which s
  7. PokerStars (4 handed) Poker-Stars Converter Tool from FlopTurnRiver.com (Format: FlopTurnRiver Cards)Seat 3: BB (6220 in chips) Seat 4: CO (6335 in chips) Seat 8: button (1405 in chips) Seat 9: HERO (1040 in chips) Preflop: Hero is SB with , , , . Hero posts a blind of 75. 2 folds, Hero (poster) .... ?????Am I raising here, trying to get as much in ASAP or completing the blind here? BB has been known to push very mediocre hands preflop, so re-raising isn't out of the question here. Also, If I limp, raising is definitely not out of the question. Button has doubled then seen his stack sh
  8. I make the call, EP says "Your Aces are good sir" before I can even table my jacks. I grumble, curse, and leave and the rest of the board offers me no help to his KK. After thinking about this more and more, this player would not have reraised without AA or KK there. But, I remember him from another tourney up there and in that tourney he played very loose, limping in EP with not so great cards, and twice doubling me up with my short stack at that tourney.But what am I really ahead of? 8s 9s and AK or AQ of clubs. Nothing else plays this flop. I don't think he re-raises with 8s even to is
  9. even though you're getting the pot odds, I'd say you're pretty well screwed there. Considering you're at 10/20 blinds, you still have enough chips to work for a little while. Lay it down, and mope about it....
  10. Make that third hand then. The guy really had me convinced he had A5.I took the announcement as a reverse tell. He's telling us that because he knows we already know this is the fourth hand in a row he's raised. He knows that we know that he knows... etc etc etc.. To me this was him showing strength, I guess I just took that as him being weak.So in this situation, Mucking the Jacks preflop makes sense?We're playing them "set it or forget it" and for 2k, there's no sense to even see the flop?EDIT: I've forgotten how much I missed this forum. I need to spend more time here. Thank you guys
  11. OK, so I'm out now of the turning stone 200+30 Deep Stack tournament. Fuddled through Making minimal amounts with decent hands.100/200/25 level. I have about 10.5k in chips (started with 10K). UTG Raised for the fourth time in a row (and announced that) to 650 (he has about 15k). EP makes it 2k to go (he has about 16k). I am in MP with JJ. I ask what the reraise is to give an "o rly?" and call. Folds behind me back to UTG who just calls.I was apparently pegged as an uber tight player (possibly because of an earlier hand where i won with Tens full of aces on an A8TA5 board after I was ra
  12. hi guys thanks for the responses.A) We are nowhere near tickets yet. 634 started, and there's 32 seats, and there are approximately 250 players left at this point.B) I do not wish to name any of the players here. I gave specific examples from the player in the CO to try to show the kinds of plays I'd seen shown down.C) I have re-raised only once, on what I intended to be only a steal from the Big Blind when I was shorter than average at 100/200 blinds (2 levels ago, approx 40 min). I had about 3k in chips, and there were 4 limpers in the pot. With AK I shoved in that spot and all folded
  13. So I donked my way into a satellite into the $650 Satellite to PCA. This hand changed it all for me. So I'd like to try to maybe talk about it, and learn from it, so I'd like real discussion here (more than just, "raise" "fold" "obv" "standard" kinda stuff).Poker StarsNo Limit Holdem TournamentBlinds: t200/t400(Ante: t25)8 playersConverterStack sizes:UTG: t7573UTG+1: t4226MP1: t5919 (SMART SOLID PLAYER, HAS MANY BIG CASHES)Hero: t12005CO: t8762 (HAS PLAYED VERY POORLY. LIMPING IN UTG WITH KJ, KT, CALLING OFF ALL CHIPS WITH Q9 at the 25/50 LEVEL BECAUSE HE FLOPPED A Q)Button: t2627 (LAG)SB:
  14. Poker StarsNo Limit Holdem TournamentBlinds: t15/t309 playersConverterStack sizes:UTG: t2735UTG+1: t3525MP1: t3970Hero: t2375MP3: t1345CO: t1290Button: t1750SB: t840BB: t2500Pre-flop: (9 players) Hero is MP2 with J J 2 folds, MP1 calls t30 (pot was t45), Hero raises to t125, MP3 calls t125 (pot was t200), 2 folds, SB calls t110 (pot was t325), 2 folds.Flop: K A 8 (t435, 3 players)With two callers is there any reason at all to stay in this pot with the jacks?
  15. Heads up in the first round of a 8$ 2x shootout to the sunday mill. The hand before this I shoved on him with AK on a AJ8 flop and showed. He had not been raising 3x the big blind unless it was a premium hand. Not just premium for short-handed play, but PREMIUM. So if I put him on a range of hands such as JJ-AA + AQ, AK (possibly KQ, AJ, doubt TT) what do you do here.Now, I do know what the percentages are. That isn't my question. My question is what do YOU do in this situation and why. We're 28 and 32 big blinds deep. Poker StarsNo Limit Holdem TournamentBlinds: t75/t1502 playersConver
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